Some Of My Thoughts On life's Journey.

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Some of my thoughts on life's journey- I have learned- either the hard way or easy-we are all each others teachers.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



You were a splinter in my side,

A small irritation

Till I removed you.


How can you put yourself in my shoes?!

When you think

I don't wear or have any.!.


I am not complaining!

Just explaining.


Distance is not of time and space,

It's of the heart.


The rose of friendship has many thorns,

removing them one by one,

Till only the sweet perfume


Friendship lingers on.


Are you the bullet?


The gun.!


Seeds of thoughts,

Sown in the garden of time,

Bring forth strong growth of plants,

Every time.


Some use their disabilitys,

To try and control others.


Some like to think

Their way is better.


How can you judge me?

You don't know me.

I don't know you

And don't want to.


I do not perch on the same branch as you.


Your opinions, thoughts

Are your own.

They don't effect, interest, concern me.

I take responsibility for mine,

I suggest you do the same.


Each day is a blank new page,

How we write in it

Is what matters.


I have shared this day of my life with you

I hope it has been

A healing journey for us both

It will never return again.

Till we next turn life's page.


We are each others teachers


This life journey.

Good or bad.


Into life some rain must fall


Many acquaintances,

Rose garden of friends.


Even weeds- have flowers.


Rejection hurts, causes tears.


Some are nose's

On life's face.


Cheats in life,

Do you cheat me?




Don't look back,

While stepping forward

You might trip and fall

To what is happening now.


Why do some of us,

Live our lives

In masquerade.


Reflections of truth,

Faults seen in ourselves

Are projected onto others.

What we hate in ourselves,

reflections of our faults

Are blamed on others.


Choices made in the past,

Effect many lives,

Negatively or positively,

Therefore choose carefully/wisely,




Gain respect,

One has to earn it.


What you want,

Isen't what I want.


I divorced my disability.


I love the song of nature's heart.


All life- has it's own life song,

Listen you will hear it.


I am the singer you are the song.


Into every life-some rain must fall.


The best memorial,

Is in the heart.


Rain- Tears from the sky,

Wash away expectations.

Good or bad.


I sometimes wonder,

If life on this earth

Is hell.

The hereafter heaven.

I suppose all depends,

On what we write

On the blank page of life.


Compassion is the begining of honour.



Treasure the measure of these moments,

They will soon be blown away.


There is nothing worse than a sanctamonious hypercrite.


It takes courage to live the truth of the heart & soul.


Don't tell me.

What you think

I am not.

Share with me,

What I am.


My soul journey is between me & my Creator,

You must go on your own.


Honour the Divine within you,


You will honour yourself & others.


Survival of the fittest?

Is because the fit selfishly,

Don't help the weak to heal.

Become strong,

By being self absorbed.


I can become so much more than I am now.

With God's help

Within me.



Learn your own truth,

From the teacher within,

And leave me to learn mine.

May we honour the Divine within us.


Why do you say,

You are in need?

When your heart

Is full of greed.!


Angels come softly.


I don't want to beat them,

I don't want to join them,

I am not a bird


Their feather.

I don't want to flock with them.

I am me,

Can't they understand this truth.


I take people as I find them,


As others do,

I don't want to know about them

From you.

I will find out for myself

As most always do

Don't share your experience with or of them,

I don't want to know

I will find out for myself,

Painful, joyful, wisdom,

I will know

In my time,

As others do

So don't tell me about them

I don't want to know.



I am tired of running,


"Sanctimonious Gantlet."



Your assumption

Of me

Is our own.

Don't assume

You know me,


My life, life's journey, heart, actions

You don't.

There is only one

Who knows

All lives, hearts, souls, spirits,

He is The Creator of all life.



It's easier to go with the flow,


Swim agains't heavy dark, big waves,

When doing The Lord's will,

He brings us through

Safe, calm waters

On the other side.


Stale old bread


Kept too long?

Develops mould.

Get's hard.


You tripped over me


Your own feet,

In order to get to someone else,

Was it worth it?


Wise words spoken to me once,

"Don't go- where you are not wanted.

It's their loss.


I don't.


Allegory of some people.

Some are cuckcoo's.

Their lay their responsibility's

In others lives.


Some are brave in crowds.

They hide behind others.


Assumption is a sin/evil.

No one knows each heart/life,

Only God.

We should never assume.

Why? Do we?


A book is not it's cover.

But what it contains within it's story.

Sometimes it's title gives us an idea of it's contents.

We have to read the whole book, to try & understand it's value or contents.

Don't we.?

Rumours are dangerous,

They hurt ears, hearts, lives,

Check if they are true,

Before you listen.

It could turn back on you.



Allegory of some people we meet in life.

Chewing /bubble gum.

Some treat others like chewing/bubble gum.

Chew till flavour of the moment gone

Then spit it out.(us out)

Till the next chewing/bubble gum,

Flavour of the moment comes along.

Get all the goodness of the flavour,

When they can

When of no further use,

Blow up a bubble to burst.

Are you

The chewing/bubble gum?


The mouth?.

Be careful not to be anyones chewing/bubble gum.




It's yours

It's mine


Are they real?

Yours and mine?

False expectations


Think of me and mine.

Your expectations are your own,

Mine are mine.


Whispers, hurt,

When not true,

They linger for hours in our ears,

Others they fill with rumour, truth

What do we care.


Lies who do they touch/effect?


Or me?

Are you so clever?

To keep covering up

One lie

With another?

I know, I am not

Are you?

Be carefull ,

You will trip over your own tongue one day.

And all will see you


What you really are.

Will they trust you again?


When I go within,

Am still.

Wait on the Lord,

Feel, see, hear His voice

Directing me.


His divineangels .

When I don't

I am different,

My great loss.

May we all ever listen to His voice,

Answer when we are called, know His voice

Go within.

Serve Him as we should.

I pray for me and you.


I don't need a human back-scratcher,

I use a ruler


Scratch my back.


Share with me

Who I am.


Who you want me to be.

I am not you,

You are not me.

Only our Creator,

Knows secrets of all hearts and lives.




I have heard it said:

Ignorance is bliss.

It's not,

It's un-informed/mind'lessness.

When you judge others lives.




Some shouldn't

Voice, write, share their thoughts,

On subjects

They are ignorant


It only paints a picture


What they are.




I have just discovered a new word in the Dictionary, I can sadly relate to:- from personel experiences in the "Churchs recently"

It's "Limitarian".

Means according to the dictionary.

"One who believes that God's salvation is limited to the chosen few-tending to limit."

So sadly true. experienced this day too in Church. 21/4/2013.

Some appear to think they are better than others. Are they? By their comments, body-language, etc;

I thought God created us all equal? It's what we write on the blank page of life He gives us, that matters, it's called choices




Attempts to "Humliate" another

Is not only


It's also


Deserves our contempt.

Specially when we don't give them a chance of reply?


Are willing to face our faults, errors.










Trust betrayed,

Is trust lost.




Bad smell,

Time waster.




Hide behind masks.

Project on to others,

What they are not



(Don't worry about them- they are a splinter-which can be removed-I find they hate it when ignored.)




Makes me sad-embarrassed,

When an old has been

Who have long passed

They use by date,

Subject all


"Their glory days,"

That have long passed.




Agitated issues,

May be cloudy for a while,

Negative dirt

Floats to the top,

Clears in time

Some need agitateion,

Give clear view

Fill a need,

Every time.



Saw it.

Liked it.

Could afford it.

Bought it.

(Lesson?- Money dosen't buy/bring love, happiness, peace, health.

To name a few.)


Thought I liked it?

Counldn't afford it.

Bought it any way.

Big mistake

I made that day.

Regret it.

(Lesson?- Don't buy into something you can't afford.)




I have made a lot


Mistakes along the way.

Have I learned from them?


The hard way.

Will I make them again?

Hope not.

May be others in

Life's journey?


















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