Voice Of The Wind.

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Wind,voice,sea, leaves, flowers, colours etc;

Submitted: February 20, 2013

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



Voice Of The Wind.

(c)4/10/2009. By Poetlife.

Voice of the wind,

Whistles through leaves

Gowns of greens, waltz

Sea of grass,

Waves flow along

Carried on wind breath,

I feel, see, hear

Winds symphony.

Dance of the trees, plants, grass

Kalidoscope of colours,

Move, sway, waltz.

Flowers bend and sway

Flow along dance

In your breath.

Bow to touch their roots,

Straighten up again

Faces up to the sun, sky,

Sway to and fro.


Your voice, song

Follow where you lead,


In life's race

In their time and place.

You are the conductor of symphany,

Many have no choice,

Go with your flow

If not

Snapped off from life's flow,

Blown away

Into the yonder

Gone forever,

Into another place

In time and space.

You skim along,

Race over oceans face,

Slow or fast pace

Whip up frothy white foam


Huge waves,

Gallop along like a

Frenzied horse,

What a ride you give to all.

Oceans waves, spray

Lifted up and down,

Boats, ships

Too dance with your force.

I feel the rhythm


Your song

On my face,

You blow in time

In life's race.

Birds in the sky, fly,

Battle against your power,

To remain in space

Their rightful place,

Many blown away from life

In your fierce, breath, force,

To a yonder place

Eternity at last.

Gentle, comforting breath


Summer breeze

Cools, refreshes all,

Your whispers

Comfort one and all to calm.

Gale force winds, storms

Destruction bring,

In your breath

Fan up high walls of flame,

Blow away in your power

Homes, trees, life, all

To another place

Peaceful, dance may we

Always have,

Rhythm of life

In your gentle power, song.

I see you face

Hear you call to one and all,

Rustle of leaves

Gown passes by

Your voice I hear.

Come let all life,

Sway, dance

In your gentle breath,

Whispers to

One and all

Conductor of your

Symphonys song.

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