Why Do We Play The Game Of Life?

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I was thinking on how and asking why we play the game of life.

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013



Why Do We Play The Game Of Life?

(c)15/9/2008.By Poetlife.


Why do we play the game of life?

Is life a game?

Some play to win,

Others to lose,

Still all in all

Do we really know what we choose?


The games we play touch many lives,

Not just our own,

How do we play the game of life?

Do any of us really know?

When we play,

Is the game controlled?

In some way.


Is so? By who?

Family, lovers, friends, work, addictions


Name a few.

Where do we go in this search

We play day to day.

Are we healed when we do?


This endless search to be loved for who we are.

Accepted, by the human race,

Is it that, which makes us great?

This journey of endless days.


Turning in circles from place to place,

Circumstance, faith, choice, wisdom race?

Searching for who we are?

Where do we belong?

Choices we make,

Can be right or wrong.

Who can we turn to in  times of real need?

When we are wrong?


There is one,

Who is always there,

To hear our desperate all

For help in prayer.

He never fails us, in our hour of need,

His great love, is ever here,

His love and healing flow together


His Holy fire and power,

Through each and every one who asks.

He is our only supply, healing place,

Lord of all creation

Answers us.

Do we hear Him

When He answers?

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