World Of Poetry.

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I was thinking of poetry, this is a poem of my thoughts on it.Hope you like it.?

Submitted: March 21, 2013

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Submitted: March 21, 2013



World Of Poetry.

(c)2/7/2009. By Poetlife.

In- side the painting,

Formed by words,

Share this painting applied with colour

Travel into another world inspired,

Come play in fields of worlds created.

Feel the colours

View the scene,

Become inspired

With feelings I reveal.

Vision a journey within.

This realm

Far from cares, hidden,

In it's treasure pleasure,

Become one

In this hour,

Reflections, mirrored

Within your mind, heart.

My colours move in your heart

Float, flow, move along.

In rivers journey


Your soul,

Feel, taste, the sense-ations

Our journey

Long or short duration.

Up into heavens, clouds of hope,

Oceans waves

Uplifted wild


Gentle stroke.

Within this realm

Find yourself.

Journey into your imagination

Filled with emotions,

Colours, picture of my pen.

Come with me,

Let me take you,

Into my mind, imagery,

Within images, pictures,

Stories shared.

Into realms

Untold secrets,

Love, light


Not restricted

Flow, grow with me,

Into eternity,

Travel this road,

Feel free

To be,

Who you truely are


Want to be

Could be,

In this world of poetry.

Dance within my created colours,

Music of universal rhythms

Heart beat splendour,

The scenes become one with all,

Move in joy of trance,


In my realms


Shared wonder, ponder, discover.

Awaken to your own

Creative flow

Within your heart, mind , soul,

Set it free,

To grow and be

Move in rivers

Combine as one.

In oceans movement, life, colour,

Ride on waves of life's emotions

Swim in waters,

Awakened flow and grow,

Move with tides

As they ebb.

Sands of time washed

Into oceans life.

Journey of self discovery

Shared in pictures, feelings, words,


Our world of poetry.

© Copyright 2017 Poetlife. All rights reserved.

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