You Sometimes Mis-Understood?

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I have been mis-understood so many times in life's journey.
Can you relate?
It's got to the point where -I think before I speak or write, it's a safe way to be.
Yet I am not any one's door mat, if they ask I tell them.(Mostly.)

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



You Sometimes Mis-Understood?

By Poetlife.(c) 7/5/2006.

Why is "enthusiam", so mis-understood?!

Met with "fear"!, "suspicion"?!

Or both?!

Why are active minds, sincere hearts, trampled on?!

By narrow mindlessness, shallow hearts, weak minded, selfish

Self absorbed arrogance?

What do they really fear?!

A lack of all 'enthusiam" truely means:-

Fear of someone taking a tiny plot from them?


Something? Someone?

As that's all they have in life!

What makes them think it's wanted anyway?!

It shows lack of ability to 'think, act, be, have courage!

"Enthusiam", also takes courage, to stand up for one's beliefs, take the journey of self discovery.

It's selfless and takes "energy, energy, energy.

It also takes pain, to grow from life's mistakes, and face your own truth, in this journey of self discovery.

ARROGANCE- Fear, lack of self worth.

Self absorbed simpleness of mind.!

DISGRACE.= Thoughtless action.

ENTHUSIAM.= Active mind, sincere heart, energy, energy, energy, selfless service,

Reaching out to others to share what you have.

FEAR.=The only thing to fear?

Is fear its' -self..

LOVE.== Lack of fear.

Divine love is the only power there is.

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