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I was compeled to write this poem one day at work when things were slow.. For the past 14 years since I was divorced I would take two steps forward and four back always praying for things to get better, well this past year everything started falling into place, I was offered a better paying job, my son who was addicted to drugs has been clean for 3 years and I started to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. "Blessed" is how I feel today.

Submitted: December 19, 2006

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Submitted: December 19, 2006








Each day I wake up to sunlight in my room

Feeling the warmth of the rays far before noon.

As my eyes open wide for another day

I lay awake there in bed quietly to pray

I feel blessed and thankful, can`t say much more

Each day of my life has opened another door.

Doors have been opened and some had to close

But life to me is brighter like the redness of a rose.

I feel blessed to have what I have worked so hard to achieve

Thankful for all that I have because I really "believe"

I believe in the higher power up above

Always there for us to give us his love.

You see he was there for me when I could not go no more

There to slowly open one more door.

It took time through the years to understand

What Gods plans for me he had placed in my hands.

I wanted to give up and not face what was ahead

"I can`t do this to my children," I said.

Even though at times the struggle seemed tough

At times I even said to God, "Please I had enough".

Time has passed since then, the shadow fades away

I`m glad that I waited because I`m here today.

Not looking back of what might have been

Ready now to face my life once again.

You see, God has a way of answering our prayers

And giving us a chance to climb those stairs.

I may have been at the bottom in the past

My enriched life now, I know it will last.

Each day passes with hope in my heart

Not just a new beginning but a brand new start.









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