Love is not Blind

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Not a love poem but a poem about Love.

Submitted: April 29, 2007

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Submitted: April 29, 2007






Man says Love is blind, but nothing, could be further from the truth.

For Love sees all, hears all, nothing can be kept secret from Love.

Love looks not only on the outward appearance but the inner intents of everyone’s heart.

You see true Love is not found in any human relationship, but can only be discovered when you come into a relationship with the author of Love.

For Love is not an expression of man but the nature of the Father. For God is Love.


As Love, God came to earth and lived amongst man but only a few recognised Him, for whom He was.

Love came to preach the good news to the poor, open the eyes of the blind, heal the sick and set the captives free.

Love illuminated the words of the Father, explained mysteries never before understood and spoke out things yet to come.

Love shared encouraged, taught and healed wherever He went.

But that was not enough for many, so they despised Love.

They chose a murderer and crucified Love.

But not even death could defeat Love, for there is no fear in perfect Love. Perfect Love casts out all fear and puts to an end that which fear births.

So Love defeated death and rose again. Not for Love’s sake but for those who needed Love.


Now Love is patiently waiting, for man to be ready to receive Him again.

So He can once more dwell with His creation, with those who choose to commit their lives to Love.

This time He will never leave them.

In time hatred and fear will be eternally dealt with. Being banished and locked away forever.

But there are no chains that can restrain Love from achieving its cause.


So if you are looking for Love, then turn to its author.

For He, is the only true source of Love.

Like a spring that never runs dry but only yielding fresh water, so is God with His Love.

Flowing in abundance, always pure and sweet.

For his Love smells like no other and tastes like no other.

This is the Love of the Father.

Stuart Rocks

2003 ©

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