Love Bubbles

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Submitted: September 15, 2010

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Submitted: September 15, 2010



You know I love you, yes it’s true,

There’s many things I’d do for you.

I’d give you every part of me,

In fact, I did, as you will see.

That burning desire you feel for me,

Is actually an S-T-D.

I gave you my heart, but what’s more,

I gave you reason to be sore.

You won’t die from this disease,

But pretty soon, you’ll say “God PLEASE!”

“End for me this endless pain,

Slowly I’m going insane!”

Herpes ain’t no fun and games,

You won’t get far with other dames.

Hard to hide and hard to live with,

Disappearance is just a myth.

Now we have so much in common,

I really wish you’d worn a condom.

(I bet you wish the same thing too.

Was it good for me? It was for you!)

I don’t feel half bad for this;

The pain that you feel when you piss

Will help you know what next to do

When some girl wants to sleep with you

In your next life, ‘cause this one’s done for

You should’ve ran, down to the store

And worn protection late that day,

And then I wouldn’t have to say:

Today’s the day that you found out,

Now do not cry and do not pout,

You have herpes, now, for life,

Good luck telling your dear wife.

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