I kind of had trouble with this one because i was trying to make it in ABAB (i think) format but this poem is about a girl who gave into peer presure and overdosed with her "friend" at a farm. The girl at the farm isnt really her friend she is supposed so symbolize that so many people all over the world are overdosing and that the people they are doing it with arent really their friends, i dont know if that makes sence to you or not but oh well.



A single wooden chair resides in a painted room of black and white

A pale white door seems to be locked

The girl sitting on the chair gave up the fight to live, for it was a very tough fight

The sound of the midnight chime came from the clock.

The girl nods as if to reassure herself of what she was about to do

She tightened the belt on her arm

She holds the needle in her hand; her friend was about to do it to

But her friend was in the country on some farm.

Both the girls brought the needle to their arm

Peer pressure- they had given in

They both figured it would work like a charm

But now the drug was going in.

The drug went in fine for the girl at the farm

But for the girl in the black and white bedroom it was another story

The farm girl goes off with her friends while the other girl is left behind

The girl in the bedroom falls off the chair she had been sitting in.

Her body began to wince as she shrieked in pain

But no one was home

To die this way, it is a shame

But she had a choice but now she is all alone

With her dying breath she smiles and whispers, “Overdose.”

Submitted: August 10, 2007

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Though the first 4-5 sentences didn't very much flow together , the rest was very well . Overdose is a fitting title , and drugs / peer pressure is the worst that can happen to people .

Fri, August 10th, 2007 6:25am


Thank you for the comment, this poem isnt one of my favorite but i still like it none the less :)

Sat, August 18th, 2007 1:26pm

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