Rain Storm

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I love rain, its an unexplainable obsession of mine so i wrote a poem about it.

Submitted: August 09, 2007

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Submitted: August 09, 2007




Rain Storm

Droplets spattering across the rooftop, slithering down the shingles as a bright clasp of lightning illuminates the street.

The moist, delicious smell of the cleansed oxygen replaces the pollution filled air. All of this as a shudder of thunder is released from the dark, menacing clouds hovering in the sky.

A small smile creeps across my lips as I raise my head and open my mouth to eagerly catch the falling droplets.

The taste of pure water is enjoyable and desirable.

Emotions, such as fear and excitement are overwhelming me as another clasp of thunder erupts from the sky above.

I lay in the damp grass staring up into the dark, moving night, thinking. Rainstorms make me feel cleansed as if the dirt and wrongs of my past have just been wiped away from life; as if for just that one moment in time no one else existed and I didn’t have a care in the world.

There was just me and the rain.

The rain slows as I get up to head inside as the wrongdoings of my past drip away along with the trickles of water that slide away off my body.

The loud booming of thunder is in my ear from behind me as I hear the last drops of rain coming down.

As I look up into the night sky and see the last drop of rain descending from the clouds above, it slowly rolls down, my wet and slippery cheek as it falls to the ground.

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