Robotic Barbies

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Submitted: November 29, 2007

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Submitted: November 29, 2007



why are you making me do this
ive tried being your best friend
but you've shot me down
i try to defend you
but i guess it has no impact
i tried to be nice
but you just treated me like shit
you got pissed at me
just because i asked you if you were feelin ok
and you'd say no and not talk to me
but you'll go and talk to your little boyfriend
who you've turned against me
i worried when you wouldnt talk to me
i thought you were mad at me
so i made myself feel guilt for nothin
i did nothing to you
yet you treat me like i aint worth anything
i've tried to be there for you
but apparently you dont want a friend
i guess you want a bunch of fakes
you aren't worth anything anymore
and i dont care if you hear me shout your name in hate
you arent worth the pain
just like youve told me about everyone else
maybe you should take your own advice
because ive learned
that you are nothin but a big fake yourself
youve brought tears to my eyes
because ive longed for you to be my best friend
and i worried when you did things to yourself
well im done worrying
and when you need that shoulder to cry on, or that friend for advice
remember that you have nothin but fakes around you
and that you lost your best friend
because you made me become this person
that became another one of your robotic barbies.....

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