First Day at School - 2

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Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



I make my way downstairs to excited faces staring at me gleaming with pride.
The clothes I wear itch like the scarf my Nan knitted me for Christmas, they feel alien on my skin. Neck can't move. Too tight and uncomfortable.
Breakfast awaits. "Don't get it on your new jumper" comes the cry from my mum as I embark on a new chapter, a new journey into the world of my future.
The best days of our lives I'm told, when I ask why, the condescending look of experience meets my tiny eyes and I acknowledge it like everything else my parents tell me. I don't question.

The alarm clock goes off. Today my baby turns into a child, no longer safe in my control, I relinquish my pride and joy into the arms of the real world.
Apprehension and emotion washes over, a tear leaves the eye. Where did the time go? He's too small for this, will he be well behaved. The pressures of parenthood. The judgement of the system casting its eyes on my child.
He enters the room. Hair still scruffy as he's forgotten to brush it, but cute doesn't come close to the small man standing before me.
"Don't get it on your new jumper" I cry as he sets down for breakfast.

The late summer sun still warms our faces as we enter the playground. The grass is so thick and the smell of fresh paint fills the air as I walk past the railings. 3 children playing football I don't know. A girl cries as her mummy leaves her. The doors look so big! My parents look bewildered. Their eyes are wet and they hug me so tight I can't breathe. Final words about my behaviour. "Use your ears" she says. I just want to kick the ball over there, but feel I'm meant to say something to them to cheer them up. "I love you" I say as they let me breathe again. Off I go. To my world of new opportunities.

Slightly over dressed for the playground but I must make an effort for the first day and meeting all the other parents in the playground.
As we arrive I feel happier. Remembering it's so small! All made for children. They all look so sweet in their new uniforms. There are boys playing football. I know he'll be happy if he has the courage to approach them. My eyes fill as I realise my boy standing before me is about to change into a man. Some final words. "Use your ears" I say as my parents said to me. Hug him so tightly, not wanting to let go of the memories of earlier days. He whispers under his breath "I love you" and my heart sinks. What a beautiful boy we have. Off I go. Back to my world of opportunities.

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