Football Match

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Poem - Football Match

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



A religion for the working class, for man and boy their love will last, they bond, their love of a sport.

Their rituals start in the early morn, make their way to the lions den. 

To shout and scream, to cry and then to sing, their voices loud as crows

To taunt the opposition below, They wait for teams to begin their dual.

The sun is bright the air still cool.

His son looks up and smiles at him his fathers glance assures him.

Still the atmosphere oozes electricity, tensions heighten, the teams they see.

The match begins, the singing louder, opposition support begins to flounder.

The home teams efforts are full of merit, a goal is scored the home teams credit.

The noise intensifies once more

The boys ears bleed as his team score,

His father grabs him and gives a kiss,

For that moment the boy is full of bliss.

The game now over, their team has won

The performance as graceful as a swan,

They leave with smiles upon their face

Homeward bound at a quickened pace

Adrenaline pours throughout their blood

A stronger bond or flowered bud

Their love has grown on this fair day

Closer still as they walk away,

In 2 weeks time they'll do the same.

To the man that says it's just a game

I ask you what's a greater bond

Of man and boy and footballs god.

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