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BILLY just sees things and people cross his life.

Submitted: February 08, 2007

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Submitted: February 08, 2007



Another day at the bench in the park area by the apple tree. Sitting on the bench,he was wondering whether or not to tell the old white hair man, with the money room, about his new idea, The SUPER TARGET - MASTER - PEOPLE RAY GUN. He knew the OLD WHITE HAIRED man was always interested in new ideas and inventions. He said, "THERE IS MONEY IN NEW IDEAS".

Contemplating these thoughts, but who should be walking by at the noon hour era of time. CAMILLE-and with her- was JOE BASEBALLS, her new friend, who took her to events at the playground and school. He got that as his nickname, for the love of baseball. There was a joke, " that he kissed CAMILLE between the strikes and she kissed him between the balls." He was young and wanted to be a DOCTOR. His father owned a drug store and seeing the doctors and medicines it influenced him,plus he had a caring heart.

They walked by and just waved. BILLY with his heart in his stomach ,after JACKS inquest for CAMILLE,gave him lower status on the totem pole. BUT, again that strange person called- MISTER -arrived from some unknown direction. He took his seat on the bench and opened a bag of lunch. He was ranting to CONKLIN-THEY STOLE MY IDEA OF ZOOKALAND-MY ISLAND OF WAR GAMES. LEFT ME FLAT-THAY MADE LOTS OF MONEY ON THAT IDEA.

MISTER looked at BILLY, from behind the thick dark sunglasses, with the initials of MR. inscribed on the outer hing area. I'M going to control the world. I'M going to be master of the universe. POWER-POWER-he kept ranting to BILLY. With that, BILLY, got up and left the bench. He walked to the apple tree and pondered THE SUPER TARGET - MASTER - PEOPLE RAY GUN, and shaking his head, looked back at MISTER.THE  END



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