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BILLY learns a history lesson from a new tiny friend.

Submitted: January 30, 2007

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Submitted: January 30, 2007



BILLY, was in a daydreaming mode of contemplation. He was walking around the town with new ideas flowing like the gushing gysers of yellowstone park. CAMILLE after the summer loss of his PLUNGER with the OMEGA GANG,became his friend again. She really was trying to teach him a lesson. THOUGH, BILLY was in grand thoughts of his newest invention-THE SUPER-TARGET-MASTER-PEOPLE RAY GUN.

BILLY found his way to the park bench. There he watched the hubcaps on cars, as they passed by the bench. With nothing to do he sat for a moment of rest. Coming down the side walk was his little to become friend. HI-MISTER-You got a penny,my GREAT GRAND DADDY need food. I'VE been trying to shine shoes, with my self made shoe shine box. BILLY, noticed the wooden box slung over one shoulder by many makeshift inventions of his tiny friend.He said, he was an-ENTREPRENEUR-as his GREAT GRAND DADDY told him.

His tiny friend told him his GREAT GRAND DADDY was a slave. His family,captured from LIBYA,were sold on a block for GOLD. His brothers JOSEPH,JEREMIAH & sister BEERSHEBA, all captured by the pirates or LAKE MEN as GREAT GRAND DADDY told me. GREAT GRAND DADDY told me, he worked all his life,and one CHRISTMAS after 40 years work,MASTER, gave him a CIGAR.

Told me I'M free now after the CIVAL WAR. Be an ENTREPRENEUR,shine shoes,and dont fear the LAKE MEN come and beat you or take you away and sell you.Said, them LAKE MEN were MASTERS dog leash. All slaves freared the LAKE MEN.GRAND DADDY said, they made JOSEPH into a SAMPLE of their meanness. NO SCHOOL-NO READING-kept ignorant, a SAMPLE of what a GOOD slave should be. BEERSHEBA-GREAT DADDY said,was sold to an ORLEANS PIMPMAN,she was only 15. JEREMIAH he was a field slave,not like GREAT DADDY-he was a house boy.

Well ,I HAS to ENTREPRENEUR and make food money. SEEs you later. BILLY,thought about THE SUPER-TARGET-MASTER-PEOPLE RAY GUN.  THE END


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