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BILLY our hero,visions history outside the classroom. It makes a profound scar on his mind.

Submitted: January 26, 2007

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Submitted: January 26, 2007



BILLY had taken a real liking to HISTORY. He was walking through the gates of the school yard where there was an assembly of kids gathering. In the handball courts the ONEGA GANG was in the corner, doing what they always do. One of the OMEGA GANG yelled to BILLY,"SEE YOU IN DETENTION - NERD". SO BILLY, went to thoughts of GAIL , a new girl in the 7th grade.

BILLY sat down waiting for the bell to ring. Alone under a tree off to the side of the door enterence. Across the way was and OLD COLONIAL FARM HOUSE. Like BILLY, he went into a dream vision trance. The house was built and new. All around was trees, a dirt road and a few open fields with corn, potatoes and other garden foods. Outside there was a well,horses tied to the front of the house. Children ran and played out-front. The real peacefulness of a farm family life.

He pictured night time. There was a candle in the attic window. There was the sound in the air of revolution. Men were gathering to the house to meet and plot a war campaigne. A wagon pulled up in front of the farm house with barrels of gun powder, Musket rifles were being unloaded. The candle in the attic window reflected shadows of ghost men gathering. They were talking. Unwanted oppression-taxes,laws,restrictions,duties,hatred of quartered men in their homes harrassing their wive's/.

They wanted freedom from the KING. Far away across a vast ocean. Gone the oppressions, so the vision of the children playing in the farm yard could be enhanced. The men were hard farmers,new immagrents,unlearned but church fearing followers of GOD. As brought up by their parents in the countries across the ocean. Young full of cast iron hatred and wanting to be leftto their fates, before GOD in life.

BILLY, could feel himself in that attic now,with the candle. The grim shadows playing on the faces of the men gathered. Each holding his musket. Powder horns slung around their necks.Hard course fabric of the clothing. Coursness of the life. YET, the cast iron will of the group gathered to rid the RED COATS from their oppression. No more dog leashes around the collars of their sweat dirt filled collars. The attic was full of history as no classroom could present it.

THE BELL WAS RINGING. BILLY got upgathered his books and went to school. "HI NERD," BILLY was again back in reality. THOUGH GAIL THE NEW GIRL SMILED AT HIM. THE END

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