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BILLY BOOKSIE, our hero meets a strange spector that mezmerised his life for ever.

Submitted: January 08, 2007

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Submitted: January 08, 2007



BILLY, after leaving class,went to his favorite spot under the shade of the apple tree. It was here that BILLY found the solace in life and the imaginations, that would transform him in his growing process in life eternal. Napping, BILLY, soon went into a repose of the mind and the spirit. All was tranquil and of a stoic state.

BILLY in his mind DREAMED of being the king. Though he had no kingly thoughts. His dream made him ponder the situation and that fact of kingship. BUT, to BILLY,his mind remaind void and dormant to ideas of kingship size.

Soon inside BILLYS mind a voice was heard. It told BILLY to climb the stairs up into the attic of wisdom and knowledge. He was the GHOST keeper of the attic and its many treasures. Soon BILLY, was in concert with the GHOST and entered the relms of the spector GHOST. "I heard you calling for kingly ideas",said the GHOST. Yes, BILLY answered, I want and need the ideas of the attic, library.

BILLY stated the many needs. The ghost spoke to BILLY in a friendly voice. BILLY listened to the voice more and more. It was full of the things that BILLY cherished but he had not elivated, to that sphere of knowledge.

BILLY left the attic with all these ideas. He put on a robe and sat in the kingly throne. All under heaven was his and all power and being. BILLY was making all sorts of command decisions. Leading armies,talking astute politics,commanding mega-money business decisions. All was in KING BILLYS DOMAIN.

With a sudden start BILLY woke up to the thud of an apple bouncing off of his head. He realized his DREAM. That it was not him, but the GHOST, who was the king, and decided to do his homework and not talk to that GHOST,who had tricked him into something he was not.THE  END

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