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Rivalry for the attention of young love, comes into BILLYS life.

Submitted: February 07, 2007

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Submitted: February 07, 2007



BILLY,one day after school walked to the park bench, near the school. BILLYS life was spinning,girls were replacing sports and other things in his life. Near a main road a bench was under the shade of a local color tree. BILLY was now in the throes of his new and bigger invention-THE SUPER TARGET - MASTER - PEOPLE RAY GUN. A sinister invention unbeknowing to BILLY.

BILLY, was drawn to the attention of a large car,with the top down and the radio blasting music into the vapors of the air.  It pulled up to the curb in front of BILLY. IT was JACK- one of the older members of the OMEGA GANG. He was a wheel now, with his car and his click of devoted friends. He was a friendly OMEGA GANG member. They came in all degrees of formation of character,especially not like DUNCAN.

He dressed ,nice and proper, was the term he heard the girls talk about JACK. He was a ladies man and had a motto:{  I came-I saw-I conquored }. He was big on FLOWERS and gave all the local girls FLOWERS. Maybe that could attest to his popularity or [ REP ] as the slang word would denote.

BILLY baby-HAVE YOU SEEN CAMILLE???"No JACK" That was the only answer he could give, since he to, was waiting for CAMILLE to walk by, as she did at times. GEE-I wanted to take her for a ride in the car. If you see her, tell her-JACK- was looking for her. "OK" ****THEN HE REMEMBERED SEEING THEM TOGETHER BEFORE****. His HEART fell into the pit of his stomach.THE  END



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