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BILLY our hero,comes to the point of the rights of passage in life.

Submitted: January 11, 2007

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Submitted: January 11, 2007



It was a HOT summer day. One of those days that the dogs dig a hole and lay in it for coolness. BILLY, found a new spot, the cool in the shade of the now closed school. His back against the wall, he was puttin further trim on the grand-universal-mega-gravity-matter-shrinker. His mind was full of the many imiginations.

Afternoon proved to be the appointed time,by fate and the mechanics of life. BILLY watched as a figure approached. In his maturing fashion in life, it was now a girl and not another friend playmate. He was transfixed for the moment,as the moth to the flitter of the candle flame.

CAMILLE !!!!!-BILLY spoke her name in a semi-loud voice. It was really the elevated rushing of his hearts emotions. It was an outward showing of his hearts inner warmth growing. She sat down next to BILLY. They were together like a pair of salt shakers ready to be filled with their own brand of love and affection.

They talked and talked for over an hour. It was like glue coming between them in the passage of lifes flow. She knew it would only be time before the glue would dry and they would be bonded. BILLY ranted onward about his plans for the grand-universal-mega-gravity-matter-shrinker.

As the flower plant starts from a seed. It grows roots,sprouts tiny shoots,finds leaves and blossoms into the flower of natures course. THEIR LOVE WAS A SEED GERMINATED.The rights and passages of life had begun in BILLYS life.

 With that the loud voice of his MOTHER was yelling for him to get up for church.  THE END



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