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Those weekend games,with cheering and the ring of winter in the air.

Submitted: January 27, 2007

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Submitted: January 27, 2007



BILLY really wasn't much of a sports player. His size limited him in such pursuits. Capturing the universe from GOD,and giving it to the old white hair man for safe keeping in his money room,that was his goal. The MEGA-SUPER SLAM-UNIVERSAL GRAVITY-COMPRESSOR was ready for the drawing board. Just those odds and ends that needed to be glued together.

Billy was in the bleachers. His best friend BOB was next to him. No sight of CAMILLE,SUSAN or the new 7th grade girl, GAIL, as they just called her. Yet, before them in the front of the bleachers was the bench with the CHEER LEADERS all in a line seated. They were watching the game in the balm of the fall day.

One of the CHEERS, JOAN, got up from the bench and started a cheer. DAVE,DAVE-he,s our man. The next cheer did the same thing.DAVE-Then the next cheer again-DAVE. BILLY asked BOB ,"who was this guy DAVE." He's number 15 the quarterback. He's the * girls guy *-there isn't a girl in the school, who would not go out with him. He just has that being of the QUARTERBACK JOCK. Plus; even my younger sister has a crush on him.

BOB, further stated that he turned down offers to join the OMEGA-GANG. For that, others loved him at the school. Just with that, in the stands a few rows back the OMEGA-GANG was watching the game. They likedDAVE and gave him great cheers themselves. MOVE THAT BALL -MAC- COME ON DAVE-GIVE THE CALL. BEER TONIGHT UNDER THE STANDS. { That the OMEGA-GANG was good for on Friday and sat nights. }If not tearing up lawns with wheel spins,or,just BOMBING as they called it, in some old beat up white convertible.

The game was over-AGAIN-DAVE, won the game. They said,"THATDAVE WOULD GO DOWN IN HISTORY". THE END

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