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BILLY, overhears a conversation of elders from a church.

Submitted: January 16, 2007

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Submitted: January 16, 2007



It was getting near school time soon. The summer was ending. CAMILLE,snubbed him at the school yard. SUSAN,didnt walk by the park anymore. YET, the SUPER-GRAND-MEGA-SUPER SLAM-UBIVERSAL GRAVITY-COMPRESSOR was in his mind now, fully developed. The OMEGA GANG were at a new handball court ,so some things in life bettered.

BILLY, sitting on the bench in last hopes of a dying summer,waited for nothing at this time.He watched the grown-ups in the park with their children. One day he would be a grown-up. Birds chirped and the sun meandered across the sky. One of the OMEGA GANG struttered pass the bench,looked down at BILLY and said,"WHATS WRONG -N O T-   A V A I L A B L E  -  M A T H - wes guys wants yous to shoots  dice & has a beer. BILLY looked and said, "they should send you to VIET NAM.

BILLY, remained on his throne. Two woman sat next to him. One was talking to the other in a destressed voice. My kids they watch TV. they mimic the icon GODS on TV. My little boy asked me to buy him a gun. The youngest girl wants birth pills and shes only eleven. Last week the next door kids were busted for selling marijuania to the little kids 6 & 7 at the swings. The oldest is now a BINGE DRINKER at COLLEGE and is going to fail and get drafted to that economical war in that place. You know they all make money and our kids are killed. {  Cigarette clips & diamonds on the boot souls  } - they call it.

Just a poor mans fate today.Were becoming slaves,maintenance wages and plenty to take your spot at work. THEM-they dont care. THEY get high and look at the BRAINWASHING TV. propaganda and euphoric on the next hit of dope. Living on a credit card cloud world. Well,I have to go to church and pray,the ladies are solacing the grieved mothers of killed soldiers-"FROM THAT PLACE-I FORGET ITS NAME-ITS ON THE NEWS & SPORTS.

BILLY,had an ear full and walked home DREAMING of his UNIVERSAL GRAVITY COMPRESSOR.So, he could shrink the universe for the OLD WHITE HAIRED MANS MONEY ROOM.THE  END


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