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Some of the people who lived with BILLY BOOKSIE in his life and hometown.

Submitted: February 09, 2007

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Submitted: February 09, 2007



BILLY, was is a restless mood for an agitated period of time. Finding his status on CAMILLE'S totem had fallen with her new collection of suitors. JOE BASEBALL had taken top position. JACK, was riding around with the top down, seeking CAMILLE. Another suitor JOE OMEGA, one of the OMEGA GANG, had eyes on her going, being a friend of her family. Jim, another, was still shooting baskets at her in hope of love.Plus, a dozen or so more budding roses in the garden of suitors.

Walking, BILLY seen HappyPatrick, a Veteran from the war over in that place,shown with the news and sports on TV. He was insane from the killing of his brother and his own sojourn in the unknown war spot,where everyone knew but didn,tcare, as long as the butter was on the table.

Down another street was the TIC BAR MILLER TOC. It had a multitude of portholes surrounding the outside walls. It was sort of like an aquarium ,where the local town residents, could look in and see theSots drinking at the bar. Don, the bartender was the keeper of the Sots. Don, was ruler of the TIC BAR MILLER TOC, everyone knew Don in town, a great guy to all and friendly.

At another street-Blossom heath- was where one of BILLY'S friends lived. He was the son of Sam King. One of the pillars of the town. Served in the NAVY, paid his taxes and had a new young family. His brother-in-law, sold Rose's from his garden for44 cents apiece. Grown with Sam King's astute knowledge of farming, Blackberries, could be had when in season.

Passing a far out of the way street was where BILLY'S TINY FRIEND lived. Just by chance, he was there with his Shoe-box- swinging from his shoulder. Hi-MISTER- I is going to make GOLD inENTREPRENEURSHIP, so, I can buy GREATGRAND DADDY food money

At home BILLY said," HI" to MOM and went to think about his inventions THESUPERRAYGUN & and the SUPERUNIVERSALSHRINKINGDEVICE..


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