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BILLY, our hero learns a lesson in life about the lusts of gambling.

Submitted: January 12, 2007

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Submitted: January 12, 2007



BILLY,again on the hot summer day,more to the nature of dog days,found himself back at the shadows of the school. In his sub-concious mind he had the idea of meeting CAMILLE, our heroine in BILLYS life. He waited by the back part of the cool bricks,which had not kissed the fashion of the sun. Time passed in a magical way,for the vapours of the rising heat. Basically it was very hot.

BILLY,stimulated by the frustration of the heat and NO Camille,became rambunctious. BIlly wide eye and ears open heard the sound of voices. It came from the cement handball courts, off in the play area of the school. BILLY,with a waywardness went over to the handball courts. There he conceptualized the source of the voices.

Hay!!!!!--- BILLY-MAN- Whats happening." AINT SEEN YOU SINCE DETENTION CLASS."BILLY knew,it was the OMEGA GANG. {At the cement handball courts hanging.} HAY BILLY-"HOWS FLASH GORDEN". "GO TO CHURCH"-"NOSE GOT SHARP-GET THE POINT"-"LOOK AT THIS PICTURE"  BILLY-WANT SOME BEER. BILLY said,"YES". So BILLY drank a beer. He felt elevated. Hanging with the OMEGA GANG.

HAY!!!!--BILLY got your newspaper route money. GOOD- Lets play dice. Up against the cement handball wall-- the OMEGA GANG began to play dice. SEE BILLY MAN- BET THE SHOOTER-THE!! POINT. BILLY said,"I dont know". HAVE ANOTHER BEER, BILLY BABY-KID-MAN. -OK-KEEP IT GOOD BABY-MAN.

BILLY,---"""I'LL bet all on the shooter he makes the point.""" THATS THE WAY BILLY BABY.

MOM- CAN YOU LEND ME $1.00, till I collect my paper money. His MOTHER looked at him funny and said- BILLY WAKE UP IT TIME FOR CHURCH.  THE  END

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