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Storrey number 20, of the Billy Booksies series. There are really so many graham crackers,and wise chips in a bag or package, With the clip empty of graham crackers we ride into the Final Story.

Submitted: April 27, 2007

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Submitted: April 27, 2007



It must have been in the year 69 that the corner sweet shop opened in Lionbroke. It was the favorite gathering place of the local Hypers. Billy, now at the counter with his favorite cherry coke. Chick-head, walked in,chick-head his nickname, for his long thin neck. He sat next to Billy,who was now playing the horses and looking at the scratch sheet.

Chick-head looked at Billy, asked if he wanted to go to the track. Sure- lets play the "TOMORROWSDREAM", a hot tip from a bookie's friend, Tony, "CAN'TMISS" -Joe Omega walked in, just back from the war over there. Looking like a Bobcat was clawing at him.Camille, followed behind, with her two guys,one on each arm. To the left was JACK and to the right was Joe Baseball, they had come in Joe Baseball's new car, Jack's Corvette was too small, since Camille and Jack were planning on engagement. It seemed, JACK ,had become the cherry on top of, CAMILLE'S, ice cream dish of love

It was past graduation day and now old enough if lucky to drink. So they decided to go toa Jazz club. They went in the whole group and sat down. Don, from the town bar had moved into theJazz Barand welcomed the customers. Looking outside the window, Camille, asked Joe Omega if that was his 1957 Ford convertible. No just looks like the one, last year of High-school. I useput the top down and put the surfboard in the backseat. You know, " off to see the world, that's me ".

On the NeWS, was, that the Bombing had been resumed in that war, over in that place. Then it went to sports, with Joe Namath having won the championship.They all liked, Broadway Joe, and sipped there beers. It was a trying struggle through the years, but, now like any story, they toasted, and turned the Final page to -THE END.


Now a popular song on the radio, Satisfaction played, the Number 1 hit on the charts a while back. Billy, along with, CHESTER, his pet dog, sat down to watch the news and look at the first pictures of the carpet bombing images, on the TV. Camille left the bar, came over to, CHESTER, sat down next to him and gave him pats on the head. Saying, CHESTER, is my real hero, all them guys are, finks.

The End

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