I Can Dream Again by Pastor Jimmy Jack

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The power of being called by God.

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



A book of raw truth and the redeeming power of God. Yet, Pastor Jack's early life reflects much of the 60's and 70's America. Drugs, free love, crime, etc, which are still rampant today. Again the truth is brutal, but will set you free.


I have an affinity with Pastor Jack. We grew up in adjacent towns and today live in adjacent towns again. Though, I never knew Pastor Jack, only in the last few years, I attended his chapel. How God, takes the unqualified and qualifies them. My past life even mirrors Pastor Jack's, but in parts not to it's depths.


The baby, from a family of nine kids. A WW 2-P.O.W-DAV, Father and a social, God, faithed Mother. Though drugs and dysfunction, left many scars on Pastor Jack and his family. Yet today, you see a warrior of God. Preaching Jesus word and through TEEN CHALLENGE scraping others out of the gutter and giving the repentant a new chance at life.


Pastor Jack today is still growing and I feel has not yet really flowered. I feel God has a real deep purpose for Pastor Jack's ministry. I've heard Pastor Jack and there is a calling passion in his words.


An eye opening book and a young Pastor to watch in the calling of Jesus. All is never perfect, but Pastor Jack is calling many to find Jesus in his evangelism. A, CHAPEL LIKE CALLING CARD, of God, for people to stop an find Jesus. If in Amityville, New York stop at FREEDOM CHAPEL. The coffee bar is open, and Jesus with redemption.


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