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Very thought provoking

Submitted: March 18, 2013

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Submitted: March 18, 2013



" Imyself was Catholic and went to church on Sundays. I read a book - WHICH day is the CHRISTIAN SABBATH - by Herbert W. ARMSTRONG of the PHIL church of GOD, and it was thought provoking. Now I observe Sunset Friday as the Sabbath.


In my opinion, in the BIBLE the word FOLLOW seems to be the key word in the four gospels.JESUS was a JEW. The apostals would have FOLLOWED JESUS in observing sunset Friday as the SABBATH. in the temple or elsewhere. They were celebrating PASSOVER the night before JESUS was crucfied.


After JESUS death temples and houses were the church, and seemed to have fractured from the way. JEWS were really not muched liked and over time, divisions occured. TIMOTHY 1-1 Paul speaks of teaching of false doctrines. The Christians soon became a cult in the Romans eyes. *TO THE LIONS*for years in arenas.


In Constantines rein as emperor, [he became a christian around 312 AD } the door opened for Christians. Though Romans were SUN-WORSHIPPERS "SOL" and the various gods associated for worship. I feel Constantine, made Sunday as the day of worship for christians. To coordinate "SUN" with "SOL" , plus other factors. {who was to tell the empire any different } Thus deviating from JESUS teaching FOLLOW ME. Where JESUS a JEW, observed Sunset Friday as the Sabbath in the calander plus other feast days.


Today we have two Sabbaths, only one can be right ???????????????????. As I think JESUS would say today FOLLOW ME. All the rest is teachings of man.



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