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The lure to gamble or a PLUNGER

Submitted: October 20, 2008

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Submitted: October 20, 2008



Where can one even begin to contemplate the forces which compelone to, PLUNGE. To cast ones self into a situation. For others to dive with recklessness, into a gamble with full force. Reckless squandering of ones selfinto the loosing games of chance, which work against the natural instinct to workand progress. Save and build an estate, which one can enjoy and reap the fruitsof labor.

I was once a plunger, but by the saving grace of GOD redeemed from a fallenfate. My name is Steven, a proud name and a proud man now. The game of chancewas like a lure to a fish. My eyes lusted after the fruit, high on the branches of life.I was on the ground looking up.

My first plunge was very modest at the age of eleven. It was after school, and I hadunused lunch money. Given to me by my mother and hard diligent working father. I wastheir apple from the tree of heaven, fallen from heaven, and placed in their basket of life.I was not a poltroon but a brazen young man with a light, not a heavy chip on the shoulder either.My quest was to acquire a vast sum of gold and live the high life. With that road only traveled by rouges and knaves.

Behind the school my chance came. That little square box which was the first steps upward toward intellectual heights. There was Bruce, Jack and Mark. They were in the shade, cooling from the sunof the new summer. They were playing cards. There was a small pile of pennies in the middle ofthere circle.They yelled, "come over, play with us".That was the first death Nell of the future road to a perditionof romances with the illusive art of the game. The blood in my veins seemed to be flowing with a queersensation. There was a slight tightness to my belly and I felt a recklessness come over me. The shadowof THE PLUNGER, had emerged from within my soul. I had struck at the lure, with the glitter that lodged in my being. I WAS HOOKED UNBEKNOWN, to my fate.

Where would the future lead ? What untrod road would my body and soul sub come to ? BOUND, Iwas to this magic, which filled my soul. Wondering abounded about the venom, which had entered my body. I could not find the word to describe this being. Only that of the PLUNGER. Like a drug addict addicted, Ilooked for the next fix. Transposed upon some alien planet, where only hell and perdition were friends.I was between them like dice on the gaming board. Calling with the subtle desirer of a woman, wanting with a day of lawless love.

For many years my life sub come to the lure of the fallen way. Life was fallen, drink filled the voidof time. Pleasure was no more. Only the open gates of hell. All gone to the holy satan of sin. The fallen angel ofthe most high. Like myself trying to capture the grapes on the high vine. Only to find disillusioned agony of turmoil. Life had reached the bottom plateau of land, which seemed so high. I loved this illusion, but knew itwas truth. TRUTH, had arrived in my life. I saw the hill from which I slid down, upon my sled of life. Theweaving course of folly and imagery lies. Then one day, while walking I fell down. Hitting my head upon two sticks in the form of a cross. It was my redeeming moment. Again truth had arrived upon my blackened soul.The sun shone upon me and at once reformed into a saved soul.

copyright 2003

Joseph Bejcek Poewhit - [search: POEWHIT ]


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