SIGN of JONAS part three

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Three days

Submitted: March 29, 2013

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Submitted: March 29, 2013



Getting it together - LUKE; 23-50-55 describes the burial of JESUS. Preparation and the Sabbath of unleaven bread. NEXT EVENT - MARK 16-1after the feast of unleaven bread *a Friday morning* The two Mary's and Salome bought spices for an embalming of JESUS. LUKE; 23-56, Friday afternoon prepared spices and ointments. *Then rested as commanded by GOD on the Bible six day of rest, Saturday.




TUES:The evening PASSOVER and taken prisoner.

WED:Pilate sentanced JESUS to death. JESUS died around 3:00 then was buried in hast fot the feast of unleavened bread.

THURS:Feast day people congregated and rested.

FRI: Mary's prepare spices for the burial of JESUS.

SAT: They rested on the SABBATH as commanded by GOD.

SUN: The Mary's found JESUS risen, on the first day of the week. [Sunday]


So-JESUS was killedWED.afternoon and back alive after Saturday sunset Sabbath sometime. Wed - Fri:3nights. THURS: - SATurday 3 days as the SIGN of JONAS


NOTE; LUKE 24-21 in conversation in that chapter, a Sunday morning. They noted it was 3 days since these things were done. The crucifiction of JESUS


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