A Shot At Redemption

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A boy struggling from both depression and skitzophrenia will have to make the ultimate decision with the lives of his loved ones at hand.

Submitted: April 02, 2010

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Submitted: April 02, 2010



It was raining and dark…thunder roaring behind me and lightening cracking around the four of us. 1

“Do it.” I heard my friend say.2

I held the gun firmly in my hand pointing in front of me aiming at one boy and one girl. My friend, Eric, once again yelled at me to do it but I didn’t hear him. My ears muted all the sound around me. I couldn’t hear the thunder, nor the lightening, nor even the screams and cries of the only one woman I have ever loved. The boy she was with now just had a look of fear on his face but stayed silent. Heh, I always talked about people in this world. I called them corrupt, evil, and manipulative. But when it came to myself I blanked out, at most, I view myself as the perfect strand between good and evil. With these kinds of thoughts how could I ever get close to anyone? But the girl in front of me found a way. And what stood between us now was not a self protected barrier or her new boyfriend…it was death. At this point now I am taking the role of God in a way. I have the power to spare lives or to take them away. I am the judge of whether or not these two should be punished for their sins. She betrayed me to be with him and him…he was my friend. 3

Now look at us, once a group of good friends have now turned to bitter enemies, and these enemies are now my targets…my prey. Because of them I became what doctors call catatonic. I haven’t said a single word for 6 months since the breakup. I secluded myself and lost all feelings of emotions. I felt nothing inside, almost dead like. On this night a friendly walk around the park turned into utter fear and chaos. Eric, my so called friend after the break up was disgusted by Mitchell’s betrayal to be with Lexis. Eric’s mind and beliefs were similar to mine but was more vengeful. Then again if you had a dad that cheated and beat you and your mom almost everyday, while also getting picked on by your own friends during childhood and remained emotionally detached from society only to fill your soul with bitter hatred, can you really blame him? 4

“RICHARD DO IT NOW! We don’t want to get caught.” Said Eric. 5

I snapped out of my own thoughts and looked at Lexis and Mitchell with cold and unemotional eyes. Three years of joy to build it up for betrayal and pain. I cocked the gun preparing to give them their punishment. This was right wasn’t it? They deserve it. It’s my job to make sure they receive it. It’s my job to make sure they receive their punishment.6

‘No!’ another voice yelled in my head. 7

I’ve been hearing lots of them in my head lately.8

‘It’s not your job to punish.’9

‘Don’t listen to that garbage, this is a righteous act. Kill them both and restore the peace inside you that they took away.’10

‘Do you still love her? You want to see her be happy right? You promised to sacrifice everything and anything for her. That’s not your gun; it was given to you by Eric. You didn’t set this up, he did. What you’re doing is selfish and against everything you believe and stand for. Don’t be like him.’11

My first word in six months I shouted out.12

“NOO!!!!” I screamed. 13

Everybody jumped being shocked by my outburst. I clutched my head in pain and anguish.14

‘No one judges you, no one can, do it. This is their fault and they should pay for it.’ 15

‘You don’t have to do this Richard…do the right thing.’16

‘And what is that? He is a God and should be treated as such, nothing less. He has the power to do as he wishes, if he didn’t he would not have been given this opportunity.’ 17

‘Richard…who are we to judge who lives and who dies. These two in front of you are your friends. Could you live with the fact you murdered the only people you care about. Is this truly what you want?’18

The voice was right. This isn’t what I wanted. This is Eric’s gun, I didn’t ask for it, and certainly not to do this. He lured me, he played me, he tempted me with his own hatefulness and I let it consume me. I lifted the gun with teary eyes, my black hair falling in front of my face nearly covering my eyes. I pointed the gun at Mitchell. 19

“Only two die tonight.” I said to him. 20

I quickly turned to Eric, pointed the gun to where his heart was and fired. He screamed and fell to the ground, went silent then died. I then pointed the gun to my head. I was in the wrong, I deserve this, I have to stop myself before I hurt those that I actually care for. I can no longer trust nor control my actions. I have to protect everyone…from myself. I turn to look at Lexis, her eyes full of shock and silently pleaded for me to not do what I was planning.21

“I love you and always will.” I say.22

Then I turned to Mitchell.23

“Take care of her.”24

I look at the night sky one last time and whisper ‘I’m sorry.’ I close my eyes, took a deep breath and pulled the trigger. The gunshot matched with the sound of thunder behind me and everything went black. As the boy’s body fell to the ground his blood flooded around his corpse and on his face there seemed to be a peaceful smile on his face.25

Lexis and Mitchell who watched the event in horror couldn’t help but let out a cry. Lexis fell to her knees and crawled to the boy and whispered four last words that he would never hear.26

“I love you too.”27

I had surcame to my more impulsive darker psyche and because of it, I nearly killed the ones I truly loved, trusted, and deemed innocent among anyone else I had ever encountered. But in the end I redeemed myself by making the ultimate sacrifice. Sensing I could no longer control myself, but with the little control I had I took my own life to protect what I believed, what I stood for, and for what I loved most in this world that I do anything to protect…anything.28

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