The years, come and gone.

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this poem is to my ex boyfriend james, this summer we were happy, and then it all ended when i let one of my friends meet him... and he fell for her, and broke up with me over her.

Submitted: February 09, 2007

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Submitted: February 09, 2007



The years are passing so fast
Its already been 13
And in a couple days
I’ll finally be a teen

Ive been waiting for this all my life
The day I finally grow up
But I know that when it comes
It wont be know

So much has gone on this year
More than I ever  believed would
I really wish I could rewind
And change a few things if I could

And if I could
I’ll tell you what those things would be
Ide change everything that happened
Between you and me

You’ve put me through so much
And I really can not bare
Loooking back on the moments
That we lived, and laughed and shared

Boy you ment so much to me
More than I thought you would
You’ve always  been there for me
That is untill you met her

It was a mistake to take her
Out where my real life began
To the times that we were happy
And now the place where my blood begins to thin

The thinner it gets the weaker I am
And everytime I see you, I swear I want to run
Run away from everything
My life and everyone

But hopefully one day
the day im strong enough
u’ll be there by my side
when the times are tough

And you can help me through them
One step at a time
But now I notice you wernt ment to be
And that you were never really mine

But hopefully that will change
And we can finally have some fun
But now all I hope is
That you are along for the run

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