the second chance

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when the love of my life died, I tried to forget about the past and focus on what is ahead of me.

Submitted: June 08, 2014

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Submitted: June 08, 2014



 Do you believe in second chance? A great person once said that everything happens for a reason. Well, unfortunately I have to agree with that person whom I don't even know. My mind was wondering off somewhere as I see people walking on the streets minding their own business not caring about their surroundings. I see birds flying freely in the blue sky to a place where nobody knows. There I am, standing on a balcony watching God’s beautiful creations when all of a sudden a question pops into my head. Would it be great if I have the power to go back in time and change destiny? Well it is not that easy. This question reminds me of an event occurred in my life a few years ago.


It all started during my freshman years in high school. At that time, I was not that famous and you could say that everyone there was not aware of my existence. I had neither friends nor a girlfriend. Whenever I wanted to initiate a conversation with a girl, I got nervous, my hands would start to shake as if I had Parkinson’s disease and I became numb.


But, luck was on my side when one day, a new student hailed from America came to my school. She had a pair of gorgeous eyes, long, blonde hair, tall and a magical smile. For me, she was like an angel sent down by God from heaven. All of the girls envied her and wanted to be like her while all of the boys worshipped her and wanted to be with her.


I was at the cafeteria searching for a seat. Man, this place was way too crowded. With lost hope, I made my way towards the exit. As I walked towards the exit, suddenly I heard someone calling me for the first time. I turned around to search for the melodious voice. As it turned out, it was her. She offered me a seat right beside her. This would be an irreplaceable opportunity to get to know her, I thought to myself.


I headed towards the seat and sat right next to her. Everybody in the cafeteria was mesmerized. She looked at me and introduced herself by saying her name was Rachel. At that moment, my hands started shaking and I lost for words. She giggled when she saw my hands shaking. “I’m just a normal person. I don’t eat people”. She murmured. I gathered all of my courage and introduced myself.


After the introduction, she asked me a lot of questions as if she was interrogating me. From that moment on, we became friends. We would always hang out together, study together and pretty much did everything together. As time passed by, our relationship was getting closer and stronger.


During my senior year, I changed my appearance, joined the football team and I managed to be on top of the social ladder. Rachel and I started to grow feelings for each other over the past few years. On her birthday, I made a surprise for her. I took her to a firework display that was held at an open field nearby as a birthday gift. That night, I dressed up neatly, fetched her from her house and drove to the location.


When we arrived, the place was crowded with people. We sat down under a tree as we watched the beautiful display. She was so elated and thank me for the gift. Nothing could surpass it! After the display, I drove her home. On the way, we talked about our plans after high school. When we arrived in front of her house, I stopped my car. She gave me a kiss and went inside her house. That was the best date ever and nothing could ever possibly go wrong. But, I spoke too soon. I guess maybe the universe had something up its sleeve. It is up to me whether to accept it with an open heart or not.


The next day, she was not seen in class. I called her phone three times but there was no answer. I became anxious. I sensed something bad was about to happen. A lot of things went into my mind right now. After class, I drove to her house to check on her. I knocked on the door. A few moments later, her father opened the door. I saw a devastated expression on the old man’s face. I knew that something happened. I enquired him about Rachel. He informed that Rachel had been hospitalized because she fell unconsciously last night.


As fast as lightning, I dashed to the hospital. I could feel adrenaline rushing through my body. Arriving there, I searched for her room like a mad man. Lastly, I found her room. I saw her lying on the bed looking at me , she was smiling. Her smile was stunning as usual she apologized for not coming to class today. Then, the doctor came to check up on her. After he had done, he walked out of the room. I quickly chased him and asked him about Rachel’s condition.


“Doctor, how is she?” I asked. The doctor gave me a hopeless look. He put his hand on my shoulder and sighed. He said that Rachel was diagnosed with lung cancer. He also added that currently, her cancer is in stage 4. There was nothing that he could do about it. The doctor informed me that she only got a month to live. I felt like my whole world came down crushing on me. I went into her room and saw tears rolling down her cheeks. I sat right next to her and convinced her that everything is going to be alright . I told her that I would always be by her side no matter what. Two weeks after her discharge, I took her to some of the places that she had been wanting to visit.


I was satisfied to see that she was happy even though deep inside, there was painful sorrow nesting in her heart. A few weeks later, she passed away in her sleep peacefully. I went to her funeral to pay my last respect. There, I saw her parents shed their tears because Rachel was their only child. I went back home with a shattered heart. For me, life must go on even though I had lost the love of my life. A few years later, I graduated with flying colours and to my surprise, I got offered to study medicine at Harvard. I was over the moon because opportunity life this was really hard to get. This is also a chance for me to forget about the past and focus on what is ahead of me. Rachel always told me to aim for the skies and never back down. I took her advice and brace myself for medical school.


Now, to all youngsters who dreamed of being a doctor, here is a heads up for you guys. Medicine was seriously tough. I had to struggle for the entire 6 years of my studies. I managed to get 4 hours of sleep everyday because I had to revise on whatever I had learned so that I won’t miss out during class. My mind and body couldn't take it anymore. I almost thinking of quit medical school but , whenever that happened, I recalled Rachel’s advice. Those words helped me to survive these laborious years of medical school.


 It was during winter and everything went as usual until one day when I was walking home from the grocery store when out of the blue, my brown eyes caught onto something. I saw a familiar figure sitting in a cafe across the street wearing glasses reading a book while indulging a cup of coffee. I took a long hard look. I walked towards the café in order to get a clear view and I was surprised to see that the figure looked like Rachel as if she had got back from the dead. I could feel chills running down my spine.


When she noticed that I was looking at her, she looked at me. Our eyes met. She gave me a magical smile that reminded me of Rachel. I smiled back. I gathered all my courage and walked into the café heading towards her seat. “May I join you?” I asked. “Yeah, sure”, she replied. I pulled out a chair and sat on it. My heart started to beat rapidly and my mind is telling me that this was a really bad idea. My hands started to shake again. When she noticed my hands are shaking, she giggled just like what Rachel did during the first time we met. “I am just a normal person, I don’t eat people”, she said. “ I know,” I replied nervously. I started the conversation by telling her my name. Suddenly, I felt like everything went silent as if there were only the two of us left on the planet. At first, she didn’t reply. But, after a few minutes, she replied by saying that her name is Nina. From that moment on, I knew that this is the beginning of a new chapter, a new story. We talked for hours. When it is time for us to part our ways, I manned up and asked for her number. She gave them to me without any hesitation and told me to call her tonight. I went home with a big smile.


That night, before I hit the sack, I called her. I could hear her voice on the other side of the line as if she was expecting me. We continued our conversation where we left out at the café. Before she hung up, I managed to ask her out. She agreed. We agreed to meet at the café that we met. The next day, I woke up early than the usual. I grabbed my towel and stepped into the cold shower. After the shower, I wipe my body with a towel, get dressed and went out. When I arrived at the café, she was nowhere to bee seen. Maybe I am too early, I thought to myself. I pulled out a seat and sat on it. A few minutes later, she arrived at the café. She apologized to me for being late. Her hair billowed in the wind. Each strand like a separate, shining ray of the sun. It glistened and danced in the breeze, shining like gold. Her eyes, they were like the leaves in a forest with the sun shining through. They were the colour of grass, but grass that was sprinkled with dew, for they shone and sparkled. She was seventeen and beautifully formed. She curved in an hour glass figure, and was tall and slim. Her smile was like no other, she had perfect, and soft pink lips, and whenever she brightened the world with her smile, a little dimple formed in her right cheek and her teeth were like stars, and shone. Her laugh rung out like a babbling brook, and her voice like a beautiful song, that you never wanted to end. She was like a goddess of true and natural beauty. She didn't hide behind makeup, but stayed natural, letting her true beauty take over. We went for a movie. After the movie, we took a stroll in the park. There, we talked about our past, our hobbies,  things that we like, things that we hate and many more. A few hours later, we were on our way heading home. When we arrived in front of her house, she bid me goodnight and gave me a kiss and she went inside. I went home with a very happy face. A couple of years later, Nina and I got into a serious relationship and I ‘ve finally graduated. Now, I am officially a doctor. I decided to propose to her on her birthday. I had planned everything perfectly. I booked her favorite restaurant two weeks before. That night, I fetched her from her house and drove her to the restaurant. When we arrived there, the waiter escorted us to our seat and we ordered our food. While waiting for the food, we talked about marriage. She told me that she was ready to take our relationship to the next level. When the time had come, I get up from my seat, kneeled in front of her and proposed to her. She was shocked and speechless.  I saw tears rolled down her cheeks. She accepted it. We got married in the countryside somewhere in Europe and we moved to Paris because I was offered to work at a hospital there.



Now, let’s get back to the present shall we? From the balcony, I looked into my bedroom and I see Nina sleeping peacefully. “ She looks just like her”, I say to myself. Whenever I look at her, I will always think of Rachel. Suddenly, I felt someone is holding me tightly from behind. I turn around and I see Nina. The gentle morning wind blew her hair back from her face.“ What are you doing standing in the cold early in the morning?” she asked. “No particular reason. Just thinking about the future”, I replied. She giggled as she hold me tightly. However, Rachel will always be the person I cherish the most in my life. Thank you for everything, Rachel. You will be missed. Oh yeah before I forgot, do you remember at the beginning of the story, I didn’t know who say that quote? Well, as it turned out, it  was Marilyn Monroe who said it

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