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Submitted: March 02, 2017

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Submitted: March 02, 2017





In a land far far away there was a village called Hillside.

In the village lived a boy named Noah who loved Pokémon.

One day Noah went to the professor named YO HO.

YO HO is a professor who studies Pokémon. Noah got to choose one Pokémon out of three types: fire,water and grass. Liten is a fire type ,Poplio is a water  type and Rowlet is a grass type.

Noah chose Liten so Noah set off on his journey. Then while Noah was on his journey he ran into a guy named Jimmy who chose  Poplio as his Pokémon. Noah found tall grass to find one Pokémon, but he found two,Leafeon and Flareon. He caught both Leafeon and Flareon. Leafeon is a grass and Flareon is a fire type.

Then Noah went to the sea to catch a water type Pokémon. Noah ran into Vaporeon and Noah caught the Vaporeon. Now he is at 4 Pokémon. After that he went to. the mountains to find Glaceon and on the Mountain there was an Umbreon of course, you guessed it, so Noah got Umbreon.

So later he ran into Glaceon and he went to a Forest called “Poison Forest” and Noah caught an Espeon.

Now Noah has 7 so he went to find Jolteon and  Eevee to evolve into a Sylveon and later he found and caught Eevee and Jolteon.

Now Noah is done for the day.

By Noah Fehr.

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