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Submitted: July 06, 2014

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Submitted: July 06, 2014



~~Torres laid out on his water bed in the corner of his room. He grabbed his phone from his nightstand and logged into He did this every night before he violently masturbated. He chatted with a few of his friends, and then he got a text from Audrey. They texted quite often, and this time they were talking about meeting...again.

"its only 4 hrs and 45mins away" texted Torres.

"i still cant drive yet, but u have a car available. I have an extra bed here so u can come over and stay here for a few days" replied Audrey.

"ur right let's fuckin do it"

Torres threw a few days worth of clothes in his bag and grabbed his mom's car keys and yelled to his mom that he was leaving for the weekend and ran out the door so excitedly and fast that the door slammed behind him.

He was so excited he didn't even do his daily masturbation after his twitter session.


Torres pulled into Audrey's driveway at around 1am. It was hot for the state of Michigan. Nothing he couldn't handle, though.

 He nervously knocked on the door. A woman answered, telling him that she was Audrey's mom. A woman from the back peered past a wall, with a disgusted face and wide eyes. Her mom invited him inside, showing him the living room.

"Would you like something to drink or eat? It was a long ride, you're probably starved!"

"I'll just take some water."

She went out of the living room and into the kitchen. Torres could hear the conversation Audrey's mom was having with the woman who stared at him from before.

"...he's black..." the other woman said.

"Ma!" Audrey's mom shouted.

Cool, he was staying with a racist grandma... what else could go wrong.

Audrey then came walking out of the hallway. "What's all the-" she started, but then saw Torres sitting on the couch and screamed. "TORRES!"

Audrey was much more emo than he imagined, she had a neon colored batman symbol and galaxy leggings on. Her hair was all black except for a streak of neon pink on the side.

Torres couldn't help but smile. He felt like he finally belonged somewhere where he could be appreciated for who he was. They forgot all about the water and went into her room and slammed the door like the emo freaks they are.


Torres and Audrey talked for a while, and then eventually Audrey was too punk'd out for the night so she fell asleep. Torres, on the other hand, was wide awake. Something was bothering him.

He took his phone off the wall charger and went on twitter. He posted, "here at godreys house lms! @pokeyrnon".

He started to scroll through his timeline and talked to Ian, Quinn, Joey, and Heath. They all told Torres to pull a sick prank on Audrey while she slept, but he decided not to. He turned off his phone after everyone else fell asleep and his timeline was dead and tried to fall asleep as well.

Torres tossed and turned but he still couldn't sleep. Something wasn't right. He thought about what he was forgetting.

"Oh my God," he whispered. He forgot to do his daily masturbating. He didn't even pack his 100% gold dildo.

He tapped Audrey's back and woke her up. She would understand a situation like this.

"Godrey, I didn't masturbate yet," Torres whispered.

"Read a bible," she muttered back, rolling over on her other side.

"Do you have a dildo I can borrow"

"OMG!" she whispered loudly, and then threw a pillow at him.

"PLS" he was desprate.

"I have a dildo, but it's mine hunty! You can't use it!"

"Do you have duct tape"

"Yes, it's in the drawer with my dildo. It has bacon on it."

He threw the drawer open and grabbed the bacon duct tape and dildo. Audrey looked confused as Torres threw off her skull and cross bones blanket.

"Take off your pants and underwear and strap on this dildo and top me Godrey"

Audrey was shocked. "I don't know... What would my boyfriends think..."

"Boyfriends?" Torres said, slightly titling his head.

"Yes, Heath and Ian. They love having threesomes with me."

Torres was offended that Audrey was there instead of him, but he didn't care right now. He needed to have his meat jacked.

He could just jack off.. But now Audrey was awake. It would be awkward.

"Have you had any sexual incounters?" Torres asked her.

She shook her head. "Besides the threesomes with Ian and Heath... no. I don't do much there, they just strap a penis on me and stick it in their wide assholes. I don't even know how to give a blowjob."

A lightbulb appeared above Torres's head. "Let me teach you. Give me a blowjob. I'll guide you through it," he said, taking off his pants.

"ok," she said, getting on the mattress with him.

"ok," he said, pulling out his dick.

"...maybe 'ok' will be our always..." Audrey said with a smile.

Torres grinned. "Lower your voice, henny, and open wide..." he said, pulling Audrey towards him.

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