Myth of Silver mountain

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It is story about love and goodness of mother being to her child and vice verce.

Submitted: January 03, 2007

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Submitted: January 03, 2007



Myth of Silver Mountain

There was untouched mountain named Silver with treasure. There were many winter quarters, spring quarters, autumn quarters and summer cottages around of this mountain and few households settle down there. One household avoided drought and moved far from here. Household head looks after their horses and his wife milks their cows and sheep and put house works in order. They have daughter and a son who begins to help.

One day, their father departed to look for the horses, at that time, although their mother said to their children that look after the livestock near here but both of her children had played for long time and coupled cattle and lose milking. She was agitated because of her husband is missing to look for horses and her children didn't notice her saying words and lose the house works. So she called them and scolds and complained to them ‘What an undutiful towards your mother'. Both of repentant children, lapsed into silence was still afraid of their mother does need work, went out their home and stopped not know what they do.

Younger sister said that we hurt our mother's feeling, let's have good job for our mother and let gladden her heart. "We must behave with filial piety toward our mother" sister said. Both of them discussed how to behave with filial piety with their mother and decided to make tea with dew-drop for her feeling relieved. Next day, two went out early morning and went around foot of Silver mountain, were collecting dew drops into each cup hard. While they were in the mountain, they met with old women, greeted and had a conversation." What are you, the children collecting to bow frequently? The old women asked. "We would collect dew drops and make tea with it to our mother" they said. "You are really dutiful children" the old women approved. And she said that returning the mother's favor is very difficult sanctity.

Then she said one myth to them. Many years ago, there was a poor mother with his son in Silver Mountain. As much as he grows, like as his peers, he dreams to have an own horse and always says his mother about it. Although she wants to buy him horse, she was incapable. Once, his mother went to the market of Huree and learns price of the horse. One horse trader said to her: "It is said that there was one kind of red stone in the mountain in your hometown. If you collect a bag of this stone I can give you a horse". Although she knows that it isn't possible to touch it and Silver mountain is so dangerous and it has a cruel nymph, her heart decide completely for her son, she had been seeking and collecting that stone for all day. According to the discussing, she gave the stone him and she brought a horse, and her son had a horse. The stone was very merciful thing, so mother and son earned little money from the rest of the stone, their life becomes equally. Soon a new household moved near their home. Head of the household was a clergy who quits it up lives with his wife and a son. His father became the son a real clergy who takes a wow as monk with his father didn't take that wow when he was young and follow him to book trail. His wife doesn't like to become his son a monk in her heart and she wants to inherit their seat to her son and see their grandchildren. In that autumn, waterfall rain was raining; his poor mother was thundered when she looks after the some sheep. Pitiful son found his mother, embarrassed and said to the neighbor. Head of neighbor buried her and read her afterlife and put the rest job in order. The son became an orphan and left alone. The head of the household brought and included him to his family. For he was a monk, he told her fortunes, "She died suddenly, founded on anger of the nymph in Silver mountain she said. Orphan son with his son learns god's book at their home and grew wiser and grew. As the son grows wiser the wiser and got older, he repented himself and his spoilt character that it was reason of sudden life death of his mother. He was deeply grieved and thought about it. Once, son had dream about his mother was crying clearly. Head of household raveled a dream mystery: Your mother became a girl and was born in one family and she left on the move road near here, near the shore of lake. You have to bring her very quickly. The son is hurry to the place he says, at the shore of the small lake, he heard of one child's crying. He calmed down, washed her face, appeased her hunger and went away. He was ridding pillion the girl and when he is on the Silver Mountain ridge, showy storm started suddenly. It got very heavily and it wasn't visible around them and road closed. Horse almost fell in the snow drift and shy at his owner who rides and is started and went away. Son hugged the girl sat on the bare foot of the mountain, hold up the small stone. After showy storm which snows all evening and night, head of household worried the son went a full day ago didn't come from and he shadowed them with his son. Pitiful son and girl were found amount of the snow around on Silver mountain ridge Son was frozen and girl on son's lap was just alive. They caused to drink the girl hot tea and cover warm clothes and rub her hands and foots together, give life to her, they dug a hole and buried the dead son. Before he buried him and said that for giving life to her, in his best, wiped dead son's tear on his frozen and paled face "Although the Nymph of Silver mountain is so strong it can't do anything against humanity" Since that time, many years passed, girl grew, became adult, according to the wish of him, learn the book and also takes a wow as monk entered dharma life. He got the oldest man and it is time to within an ace of his death. Once his feeling getting worse and he called the girl and ordered her like this. "Well, my girl you took a wow as monk and followed dharma and completed my wish. Anyway, I must listen to peal if I die "I relevant witness of many events, want to tell your fortune last time, before I die. Both of ill - fated the mother and the son have a fortune to meet in this life. Of course, it causes of your dharma learning. You persuade by flattery and make an offering to nymph of the Silver Mountain. You remember these 3 articles. The first; This Silver mountain The second ; first 5 th day of last months of summer Third ; Red radiation of the sun when it sunsets. You have a lot to meet at the end of age by these three features. You try your best. My order is you follow him to dharma that loses each other in the lot of living death and in order your life" he said and died. After both of these children listen to this myth and became softened in feeling and they said to her "Poor son really can return their mother's favor "The daughter inquired like this "Could they meet each other? She let out a sigh and lapsed into silence and then "That troublesome woman is I" she said. The sun was sun setting when the old women with 2 children sat absorbed in and stared at a distance. Today it is first 5 th day of last month of summer. I have seen red radiation of sun many times for many years. But I have never seen my son again. "Are you looking at something of this red solar radiation? Old women asked. When red and yellow sun radiation comes from here I like to sit outside with my mother. My father brought an apple from the market was so red and very delicious' son said. This red radiation is like shawls of many lamas and clergies are fluttering. So they are waving and calling us that all of you divorce darkness of the dull and get enlightened" Old women said. It is already night so both of children said to the old women ‘goodbye' and went home. When they got there, their father has come from looking for the horses and mother was cooking and they were very happy. Both of my children where you have been to and you are tired, come and eat the food' she said to them. Father is smiling and I missed my children very much and kissed children's cheeks in turn. He fixed his son attention on and "My son's cheek is how wonderful chubby and red and it is like the red solar radiation" he loved him tenderly and smiled.

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