Case #10

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Alister Crane bribes a judge and is released from custody. Inspector J.P. Bullet and the team suspects that the judge was bribed. Alister Crane's henchmen gives a tip that the judge took a bribe and the judge is arrested.

Submitted: May 09, 2012

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Submitted: May 09, 2012



Inspector J.P. Bullet, Harvey Lucas, Antonio Perez, Rebella Howard, and Detective Tina Cassidy was in the detective office. Captain Graves came into the office. “I have some bad news. Judge Homacrone released Alister Crane,” Said Captain Graves. “What do you mean released him?” asked J.P. “The judge ruled there was not enough evidence and Alister was released,” said Captain Graves. “So, that rat was able to just was to walk away, said Rebella aggravated at the news. “I am afraid so, and I have some more bad news. He wants the department to pay for the window on his limousine that Rebella broke trying to arrest him,”said Captain Graves. “I should have taken care of that rat when I had the opportunity!” said Rebella angrily. J.P. motioned for her to be quite. “In order to appease the police commissioners. I had to them that I would suspend Inspector Howard for a week. Inspector Howard, you are one of the finest detectives on the team and I don’t want to see a suspension record put in your file, so what I am going to do is give you a week off with pay starting today,” said Captain Graves. J.P. motioned Rebella to go on. Rebella left the room. “I am sorry, guys, said Captain Graves leaving the room.

J.P. and the others were shocked at the news, but they knew they had work to do. “Harvey, I want you to follow Rebella. I don’t want her going after Alister Crane. Antonio I want you to check-out Judge Homacrone. Something is very funky here,”said J.P.
Rebella went to the swimming pool in a two piece bathing suit. She was laying back in the lounge chair and noticed Harvey. She got up and went to where Harvey was. “Harvey, what are you doing here?” asked Rebella. Harvey did not say anything and he was trembling trying to think up a story. “Well, I was worried about you and I saw you leave in a bikini and thought how beautiful my girlfriend was and I wanted to tell you how beautiful you looked,”said Harvey who was turning red faced. Rebella turned away and pretended she was blushing. Then she turned and faced Harvey. “You are not a good liar, now come here you dumb cop and kiss me,”said Rebella. Rebella and Harvey started kissing. All of sudden there was a scream for help. A 6 year old in the pool was in trouble. Harvey and Rebella went running and saved the child from drowning.
The next morning at the 169th precinct Detective Tina Cassidy entered the detective office with a newspaper. “J.P. there is something you need to read,” said Tina handing J.P. the newspaper. J.P. read the article aloud “Off duty police officer Rebella Howard and Harvey Lucas made a daring rescue at the city pool yesterday afternoon when they came to the rescue of 6 year Clarrisa Brighton, daughter of city councilman Tony Brighton. No further details were available at press time”. J.P. set the newspaper on the desk. “That will be a feather in Rebella’s hat, but I am probably going to have to explain why Harvey was there,”said J.P.
Rebella was sitting on the couch reading a cookbook. There was a knock at the door. It was Harvey. He was on his lunch break, he had gone and picked up burgers for him and Rebella. “What are you doing,”asked Harvey. “I was trying to learn how to cook,”said Rebealla. “You will make a great cook, one day,” said Harvey. “I have a confession to make. I would have never pictured myself as a cop or trying to change my lifestyle. I figured after my divorce that I would end up back going back to my previous way of life and end up back in jail, but somehow I found enough strength to break the cycle,”said Rebella. Harvey took her hand. “I am very proud of your accomplishments,”said Harvey leaning over to kiss her.
Antonio came into the detective office with some information. “I found something very interesting,” said Antonio. “What is it?” asked J.P. “I was looking over Judge Homacrone’s bank records. The day that Alister got released he closed his bank account,”said Antonio. “Let’s go rake him over the coals,” said Tina getting out of her chair. J.P. stopped her. “Not yet,” said J.P. Tina sat back down. “We have enough information to ask him a few questions,”said Tina. “We don’t need to let him know, that we suspect something. Antonio keep digging,”said J.P.
Captain Graves and Councilman Tony Brighton came into the detective office. Councilman Brighton went over and shook J.P.’s hand. “You, command some fine officers. They saved my daughter’s life. I wanted to come down here and personally thank them,”said Tony. “They are currently out on a call,”said J.P. “How long do you think they will be gone,”asked Tony. “I am not sure,”said J.P. Tina started going through papers on the desk. “The call sheet must be in dispatch. I will check and see if dispatch has a status update,”said Tina. “That’s okay, I will come back later,”said Tony. He walked out the door. When he was down the hall and could not hear what was being said, Captain Graves instructed J.P. to call and get Rebella and Harvey and get them down to the precinct. Tina had Rebella’s number in her cell phone, so she called. Rebella did not answer. Tina left a voicemail. She had a worried look on her face. “Don’t tell me that they may have went after Alister Crane,” said J.P. Tina did not say anything. J.P. got out of his chair and put his jacket on. “I hope they were not that stupid. Come on!” said J.P. They went running through the hall and out the door.
On the way over to Rebella’s house Tina tried to call Harvey. He did not answer his cell phone either. “Do I need to call for backup?”asked Tina. “No, let’s don’t panic just yet there maybe a logical explanation,” said J.P. They arrived at Rebella’s house. The door was locked and Harvey’s car was gone. “I don’t like the looks of this,”said J.P.
As J.P. was starting to leave his cell phone rang. It was Captain Graves. Someone called and gave an anonymous tip that Judge Homacrone had taken a bribe so Alister Crane could go free. Captain Graves told J.P. that he was sending units to go pick up Judge Homacrone.

While on the way to the precinct Tina’s cell rang, it was Harvey. “Where are you at?”asked Tina. “I am at the mall with Rebella, we were just out looking around and did not have our cell phones on. We just now got your message, said Harvey. Tina put her hand over the phone. “It’s Harvey,” said Tina. “Tell him and Rebella to meet us at the precinct,”said J.P.
Judge Homacrone was in the in the interrogation room. J.P. went in to do the interrogation. “What am I doing here!” demanded Judge Homacrone. “You see there has been a misunderstanding. Someone came in and filed a false report that you took a bribe to let Alister Crane go. I am just going to ask you a few questions to clear this misunderstanding then we will go arrest the little punk that wasted our time,”said J.P. “Good,” said Judge Homacrone. “Just one little problem,”said J.P. “What’s that,”asked Judge Homacrone. “See whenever we arrest him for filing a false you won’t be able to serve because the accusation was against you,” said J.P. “That’s ok, I have friends and power, so he won’t get by with it,”said Judge Homacrone who was fixing to hang himself. J.P. went to the door and motioned for Rebella to come in. Rebella sit down. “There is something else that talks better than friends and power, and that is money. It is too bad you don’t have a little extra to spare,”said J.P. “I don’t have to have money. All I have to do is call Alister Crane and he will take care of the problem,” said Judge Homacrone. J.P. stopped for a moment. “So, Alister promised you protection if you would let him go,”said J.P. “Protection and money. He gave me money to pay other judges in case I was not the presiding judge,” said Judge Homacrone, who realized he had just incriminated himself. “Rebella, do you want to do the honors?” asked J.P. taking out handcuffs.
The next morning J.P. Tina, and Harvey was getting coffee. Rebella came in. “What are you doing here,”asked Tina. “Captain Graves said I could comeback today,”said Rebella. She poured her a cup of coffee. “By the way did you think I would go after Alister,”said Rebella looking at J.P. He did not answer her question. Then he broke the silence. “I just remembered, I have something I need to do,” said J.P. He left the room. “I thought so,”said Rebella.
Judge Homacrone was found guilty of accepting bribes and was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

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