Innocent Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Some of our society consist of three classes; the upper, middle and lower class. This story will focus on the latter, their struggles to pursue their dreams, to keep it alive. The struggle to live when they don't have anything (money to buy their food, prestige, privilege) except the life that they have for which all of us are thankful to having blessed of it. Roy was one of them brought up from a poor family, living in a house not entitled to them nor the lot on which it settled. Convicted for crime and met his Father in an unexpected events. Will he surpass this, which looks like impasse situation?


Chapter 1

It’s already sunset in an urban area on which the little houses were built from light materials of which could catch up easily on fire, where people talked to each other aloud.Roy was outside seating on a chair looking into nowhere when his Mother yelled at him.

“Roy will you go to Mrs. Santiago and get a kilo of rice and can of sardines. Tell her to put it in the list of our debts since don’t have money to pay for those, because I just paid the balance of your brother’s tuition fee.”

He went thinking when would his family arise from this life therein and if Mrs. Santiago would lend him goods from her mini-store. She has the same status like that of her neighbours nevertheless, somehow she managed to suffice the need of her family for their everyday lives. Its eleven in the evening would be another day passed him not losing nor gaining anything. Looking at the ceiling of his mouse-like house, he decided that he would give it a try to apply for a decent job, although he failed many times in the past because no company would accept him, he was undergraduate from high school because of financial problem. So he did the next morning to no avail no company wanted to work with him. He left the building with his shoulder heavy of burdens. As he walked his way home he saw a family with their dad with them, suddenly he thought of his Father of which her Mother had said “he died a long time ago.”


“Who would have done such thing?” asked Roy after having seen on television about the news of gunmen for hire. “Their parents must not have done enough effort to guide their children” retorted the Mother. Roy said to himself that he won’t make such action even when it’s the circumstances calling for it.

He has lots of friends despite the fact that his Mother said to choose his friends and if he could never make friends around their place. Puzzle by it but he shook that off his mind. Patrick was one of them another person whose life were the same as that of his family and most of people living in the area. He asked Roy if he wanted to earn money, without having thought of it, in a matter of second he said “Yes.” Who wouldn’t? question raise from his mind. Patrick told Roy to meet him in his house. Excitedly, the next day he went and they talked what he would do. Patrick said “You will just be our driver” Great! he thought. “I can do that but first I need to get a license” answered Roy. “No problem” said Patrick.

Months passed. He bought a new television because his little brother complained that their television were broken and of no use. It’s Christmas too, it’s a gift for the prosperous months. That was what the picture looked to him. It’s how he comprehended things.



Chapter 2

Patrick called says he needed to be at the meeting place by 8:00 p.m. Whilst he was driving, at the back the guys were laughing making jokes and when they have reached the place Patrick told him to park the vehicle in an alley, he raised his arm pointing at the second right corner of the street, having said to wait for them inside the car.

Hours slipped by without them returning, possibly they might have so much more to be done that day, the boredom engulfing him he stepped out of the car, walked at the direction where he left his friends. When he got there he saw Patrick holding a gun pointed at the man’s forehead and, the next thing he saw the man lying on the street but before those events even took place, the man to which they pointed the gun looked at him his friends did the same toward his direction. Appalled by the scene, he ran though he hasn’t decided where to go, to hide or, would it be necessary to call a police. Words abound his mind, he couldn’t think straight until he seemed out of gas like a drain vehicle he stopped. Grasping for air he looked behind to see if they have managed to follow him. It took him a horn from a truck coming towards him to realize his on the middle of the street, he deftly ran to the side of the road where a bench was located. He made it as his bed for the whole night of atrocious events, unthinkable circumstances, fear that succumb him that very moment and with the numbness he felt he didn’t realize he fell asleep. 


He was awaken by a person wearing a coloured blue uniform with a badge on the left of his chest, to his surprised it was a police officer, he nearly jumped out of the bench when the officer explained to him that it was forbidden to sleep at such place. He just nodded and fumbled his way to ride a bus.

With reality sinking at his half sleep mind he yanked his mobile phone out of the pocket of his pants. Shaken by what had happened, he scanned his phone and found plenty of new messages but he relaxed a bit because it was texts from his Mother asking him where he was, at what time he would be coming back. He wanted to explain but he declined, though his fingers were in a position to type the letters. He needed to talk to his Mother but he couldn’t go straight home with the idea that those guys from last night might be there. Two days elapsed the incident was all over the news. Through the news he learned that guys whom he thought were his friends were gunmen for hire. He sweated all over his face, heart rate was risen, he got up from his chair inside a small restaurant in which he ate to fill his food-less stomach.


He summoned all the courage he has within him and went back home in which his Mother was waiting for him. Indescribable happiness bestowed upon her having seen him unharmed. They had talked for hours when Mrs. Santiago knocked at the door. She opened it and asked; “What is the matter?” Mrs. Santiago was out of breath said word by word that her son Roy was one of the culprits.

“That was a lie, yes I was there but I wasn’t the gunman. I didn’t kill the guy. I witnessed it!” complained Roy. “Son don’t worry we will tell the police, it will be alright” said the Mother. It won’t be the same, someone put my name and must have deviated from what had really happened. Mrs. Santiago said her goodbye. She went just to inform Roy and his Mother of the latest news.

After a while, two police officers issued a warrant of arrest, hand cuffed Roy and drove off to precinct. Accompanied by his Mother, he gave his statements but the officers who took him from his home to the precinct stated that charges were stronger. Since the case is murder it wasn’t bailable, he stayed and put inside the cell. The police told them to get their own lawyer. With despair his Mother told him to wait and she would do everything to put him out of jail; whispered “I will be right back.”  


He hadn’t had an hour or even a minute of sleep, kept thinking why it happened to him. Must have been his overly flown trust given to those he called “friends.” He wanted a simple life, he thought, just to be able to eat three times a day, send his little brother to school, give his Mother a little business in which she could get their monthly budget (cheap budget). “Innocent me, insolent men with devil acts betrayed me!” he enunciated.  



Chapter 3

A case filed against him. He was moved to in one of the City jails. He was nervous his heart could have burst out off his chest. Jail guards accompanied him to one of the cells with a staggering walk he fumbled through the open jail door. The door locked behind him, he turned his head gazed at the departing guards.

He is looking around the room only seeing men with tattoos, exchanging looks with him. All of a sudden without a hint one guy is approaching him. “What is your case?” asked the man. He didn’t answer he remains silent, the man repeats his question, at that point because of fear he answered “Murder, but..” The man cut him off of his speech saying; “Boy, I know what you will tell us that you are innocent of such crime. All criminals say excuses like yours.” As if the father lecturing his son, he didn’t complain and swallowing the bitter taste that the man is saying straight to his face and is penetrating through his heart.

One inmate caught his attention because he has seen through his peripheral vision several times that he was looking at him, like he wanted to say or ask him of something. But then whenever a man felt he might notice he turned his eyes away from Roy. 


The old man couldn’t hide the urge to approach him. One evening his feet stepped toward Roy. Hesitated he smiled at the boy in front of him. As the time passed they grew more and more accustomed at each other. Roy couldn’t understand why he felt so at ease with this strange man but he shrugged it off.

The next day his mother went to see him. It was drizzling outside. He embraced her with full of love, longing and despair she returned it with a kiss on his cheek. She sat across the table in a room which where they accept all the relatives, friends, loved ones who wanted to see one of the detainees. They talked about his brother, his Mother condition living with just her and his little brother. Roy talked about his inmates particularly the old man whom he described to her. Upon hearing it his Mother looked uninterested a little aloof, uneasy and, eagerly changed the subject. One hour was only the time permitted to chat with detainees, so his Mother not wanting to leave said her goodbyes. 

As she walks out the door, she didn’t to the slightest gaze back at him. Her secrets is about to be unfold right before her eyes. She was not asking for it through all these years but fate, she knew its fate which compel his son towards the truth which she tried to hide from him. It’s unavoidable now. She released a breath from her lungs and left the building. 


Inside the cell while fixing his things the old man was busy on reading which seems to be a letter, a letter from his family, he thought. The moment the old man put his letter back in his bag he seated next to him. “Are you missing your family?” Roy asked. “Yes with all my heart especially my boy. I missed eighteen years of his life” he answered. “Haven’t you checked what he became after all these years?” Roy asked. “I haven’t had the chance” his simple answer. “Are you saying that your son never been here, never visited you for the past eighteen years?” he wondered. “Yes” his precise answer. Roy could see the longing in his eyes but he didn’t mention it, he wanted to spare this old man for further anguish he was feeling at that moment and wouldn’t want to take the one ounce of happiness he perceived through his eyes whenever he was talking about his son. He has gotten closer and closer and, was like a father to him.

His Mother was there again visiting him, was obliged to return home after a short talk with his son because no one would take care of his young brother. Again while he was telling her about the old man inmate his Mother eventually changed the topic, he hasn’t felt anything unusual, maybe his Mother just wanted to hear about him, how was he physically, how was he coping, for this reason he put it out of his mind.



Chapter 4

Months had passed since his case was filed but he found it so slow for the justice to serve itself to him, he sullenly said.

It was time to take their lunch meal, he and his inmates escorted by jail guards into the canteen. Roy finished his before the others and asked one of the guards to escort him to return to the cell because he was not feeling well.

He lay on his bed, he tossed many times and awake although he wanted to have some sleep. Irritated he sat down by the edge of the bed. Across him was the bed of the old man, his bag was open it showed a little picture, hesitant to come over and look because it wasn’t his but curiosity took over him. He started to stand and walk across, to his surprised it was his baby picture when he was about five years of age. Why on earth this man has his picture? What’s the connection between them? He went back and lay down again, words and thought abound his mind. “I need to know what’s going on.” Roy coerced to himself.


He had had the chance but didn’t take it, nervous of the answer the man might say. The whole evening he stayed awake, never a minute he felt sleepy. The next day, without hesitation he finally approached him.

“Can I talk to you?” he asked politely. “Of course” the man answered. “Yesterday I accidentally saw one picture in your bag. I don’t know how to put it or what to think of it, please Mister explain it to me” he pleaded. He has seen a little tear in his eyes as if he was about to cry. It took him a minute to say a word and he explained, “Yes it was you, my son, I’m sorry.” And the tears already fell down on his cheeks. “This is what I’m afraid of, to see you grow up in such place where scoundrel people live, who take your innocent to make a living fool out of you, this happened to me eighteen years ago.”




Pedro got his girlfriend pregnant so he decided to marry her not because of the obligation but because he loved her.

Pedro has been waiting in a fast food restaurant for two hours to meet his wife to be, Roy’s Mother. He impatiently looking at his watch when his girlfriend appeared in front of him, took the sit across the table. 


“Where have you been?” he asked. “I thought of several excuses to tell my boss” she explained. “Listen to me, you know that I love you and I’ll take full responsibility” he said. “I know I’m excited” she said happily.

And they got married. They lived happily, contented, living a simple life. And came the month of the year he was waiting for. He was nervous and excited when the Doctor opened the door that separate the labour room from the waiting room of the hospital, the Doctor reached out his hand to congratulate him. “It’s a boy” the doctor said, Pedro smiled wholeheartedly.

While his wife was still asleep, the nurse came pushing what look like a little push cart and there he had seen for the first time his boy, his own flesh, proud as a father he carried Roy. “Let me carry him” she asked of him, she has been awaken by Pedro humming a song for his little prince. He carefully put him in her Mother’s arm.  


It wasn’t all fairytale. Pedro loss his job the reason was the company in which he was working needed to remove some workers because their debts increased and they need to pay it or else the bank would take it. That was when he met those men who offered him a job, he didn’t know what was it, he never asked he just wanted to earn money for the welfare of his family. Sooner rather than later he discovered appalling things they were doing but because of the calling to earn money to suffice what his family needed to live and survive. He dwelt in the darkest place in his life.



“The ones recruited you was the same who recruited me” revealed by his Father. But unlike you I was a gunman, who killed many and I have to pay for it which I’m doing right now. I have had eighteen years and, will have more until my last breath in this world to repent. I’m a sinner and I accepted it. I want to change although I won’t have or be given a chance to do it outside the four corners of this building, but I will” he explained. “And you my son, you have years ahead of you don’t do things I’ve done, don’t dwell yourself in this misery that seem to have drowned me” he said.

Roy who was overwhelmed, water started to roll down his cheeks. He embraced his Father tightly as if it would replace the eighteen years that this place took away from both of them, they talked the entire day. After having heard the side of his Father he needed to talk to his Mother, he concluded.


The next morning his Mother was there, he asked her side of the story. She explained everything, said sorry for keeping it from him because she wouldn’t like other kids or people to tease him, to suffer like his Father. Roy held her hands to show he understood the agony she had all these years, she has to be the father and the mother at the same time, her sacrifices to be exact. 




There were news regarding his case. Hearings were held twice a week and as time flies the day came to hear his verdict. They were inside the court room. Her Mother was holding a rosary, standing in front the woman started to read the judge’s verdict.

His Mother deftly came towards him, embraced, cried, elated, happiness could not hide from her face knowing that her son was not guilty of such crime “Justice prevailed” he said. “Yes son, thank God” concurred her Mother.

A week has passed, he walked into the room waiting for someone, place was so familiar. After about a minute or so a man was approaching him.

“Glad to see you son, how are you?” asked his Father after having embraced Roy. “I’m good, it was surreal I thought I wouldn’t be able to see the outside world. Thought I was devoid of the right to dream. I promise you that I won’t make the same mistake like you did. I know it’s hard to live, there will be trials but that’s life, isn’t it? We were born to have problems and it is up to us how we solve and face those that lay before us” he concluded. 



Author's Note: Society could change a person’s personality which could lead to his/her success or could get him or her in rebellious state of mind, be against the law, do evil acts which had happened to Roy and his Father.

It’s inevitable to rebuke when a situation calls for it, whenever a person needs to do what he/she has to do to survive in this sometimes cruel world.

Guidance from parents and choosing the right friends are some of the important factors.

Be a blessing to every one!

Submitted: November 22, 2011

© Copyright 2022 Pollan. All rights reserved.

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