Heroines and Villanelles

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Walking through Brighton, it is impossible not to notice how beautiful the women in this city are, each in a different way.

Titled because the word "villanelle" has always sounded to me like it should be the feminine participle of "villain".

1. Saint Peter's Church- a large, ornate church in the centre of Brighton, a landmark. It is currently in need of repair, and is closed for safety reasons.

2. The Sussex Downes - a local area of outstanding natural beauty

3. The Laines - a group of streets within Brighton consisting of shops and markets known for selling a great deal of counter-culture merchandise.

Submitted: October 27, 2009

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Submitted: October 27, 2009



Exult and celebrate yourselves!

You heroines and villanelles!

Your voices, like kaleidoscopes-

When you spit and swear and smoke,

or sigh and whisper, sing and laugh-

Fiendish Temptress! Sweet Seraph!

Reason to peal Saint Peter's1 bells!

These heroines and villanelles!

Provoking me to verse and lyric-

Brazen spondee! Subtle pyrrhic!

Gossamer Annabel Lee-

Coquettish Belle Dame Sans Merci!

Bewitched by meek or sultry spells

Of heroines and villanelles!

From Downes2 to Laines3- humbling parade!

Giddy ocular serenade!

Fiendish! Coy!- I am compelled

By heroines and villanelles!

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