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Why do i hate April...spring always leave an nasty taste in my mind....

Submitted: April 13, 2012

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Submitted: April 13, 2012



Why why why..is al i can ask and wonder...sometime i wonder why ,what my purpose in life is. Is there something wrong in me? It seems everytime i meet an woman it always happens in the winter,either in real life or just through an dating site. Always we have fun,share intimate details,go out and do what every couple or date's do ..as soon as it becomes spring they find words,or excuse you name it..lets make it an end..It has been happing to me the last four years. I know i am open,i know i am sincer,i know i am an fighter and i do know...My whole life traveld the world through my parents work,been an profesional soldier,my last tour was the most intense operation i ever done..was in Afghanistanm,batteld the taliban and yet there i survived...yet there even in the mits of hel there was some joy and sunshine..

Yet again i got to pick myself up and this is the hardest thing i ever had done,i knew it would be painful and knew evertyime that moment come's it is hader than the last..but this is the most hardest one,the most intense and wil never expieranced that agian nor i am willing ..the walls are now full force up. Never before in my life have i exposed my self so deep,shared so many real intense things about my life,where i go wrong,how i was brought up,my weaknes and strenght,my hardheid as a man.yet she found a way to really get inside me..and i with her.We are both highsensitief people meaning we can feel other people's energy's there karma if my say so...

In everything we were honest and open about and i believe her and she me...yet with to me is unique she was the very first woman who honestyly said i want to be friends,even suggested things we can do,things to see and time's and date's...and at the moment she is not ready for date or relationship at this very moment yet she said she keeps the door open for us..i strongly believe in the universum power of attracting love,the Universum is energy,vibes that viberate through the sky,believe in guadrian angels that when you seek them out and ask for there help and assitance they wil help you.After all angels are beings of truth word of mouth and i believe if one never gives up,stil believes that it would work..sometimes time and space can heal and mend the differances between people. Especially if she said we are an match on everything,emotion,energy,life with she never expieranced before says something to me,especially she keeps saying i really really like you the connection we have spirituel,emotion,fysical en internally i never had before..special connection we have i believe it would come back...only time and what is time in the world of angels,in the world of the universum...nothing but to us mortals time can be long.


It has said before and willing to believe it..that through time things can heal,we can see each other in different light,feelings can grow back basiscally you know what you have thrown away until that moment has come..you realize later what mistake you have done...they say people can be very romantic and passion in the first few months,than reality hits in especially if she has bad very bad expierance with men and that you get cold feet somewhere like now...that later on you truly realize what kind of treasure he was and that he is the one ....




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