The Power Within, 1: The Devils Sin

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This is not really my style, I worn if you get offeneded easliy then please don't read this.

I am sorry if it does offend people, but I did worn you, so don't get pissed off with me.

Peace out \\/ H.S.

Submitted: September 24, 2009

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Submitted: September 24, 2009



The Power Within, The Devils Sin

Death lingers here

I feel it driping off my fingertips

A papercut from beyond the grave

A missguided slave

Misstrust, I don't believe

Hate, I cannot see

The power within, ripped out of me

An empty shell

Through my eyes, The fire burns

Through my lips, A truth to be learned

A pain from the burn inside

You, misstrust

I believed for too long

Hell was heaven

White clouds, blood covered pearl gates

The angels fell from grace

I saw that in your face



The power

Everything you stole from me

My eyes, torn on the inside

Bleeding out tears of red

On the inside I am dead

Death, a final sacrafice

Life, don't know why

God lied... Allah on the other side

Death lingers here

Bleeding out the fear

Every tear that fell, not for you

Every dying smile, my life on trial

Fear of the outside, on my lips

I let you taste the shame

You felt my pain

Lowered your head in shame

I felt you inside, screaming out my name

Deep within, suck the power from me

"God save me"

I called, the devil came instead

Took me by the hand

Led me deep into no mans land

I felt the slam, devil's hand across my face

To the ground I fell

A hand moving up my leg

The devil inside my head

I call out the name

Naked as I lay

The devils hand on my waist

The beast drawing me in, The power I once had

The extasy made me want, The devil within

A thrust, I called out in lust "Take me"

His mouth covering my breast, I failed the test

The devil's kiss, deep inside

I hear him in my head

I call out again "fuck me until I cry"

God would cover his eyes

A tear I cry, I knew that I did not want to die

The devil inside, I needed more

A devil's saint, A fucking whore

The taste, sour but sweet

I want, I need

A roar, I scream

The pleasure I shared as he came inside

I awake in a sweat, smile upon my face

I slide my fingers in, still thinking ungodly about him

I call "the devil loves me"

I pump, I scream, I cum

The devil and me forever one

In the end I will become

A mother to the devils son.

Written By. Hope Sanders

© Copyright 2019 Imperfect Perfection. All rights reserved.

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