Waves of Jane’s Mind

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Life is not a Bed of Roses, true but everyday is a hope, a blessing, a miracle.Read out a brave girl Jane's journey from struggle to satisfaction and happiness...

Submitted: March 11, 2017

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Submitted: March 11, 2017



Amidst conflict and confidence is satisfaction. This satisfaction, a realm of tranquillity comes to Jane when she visits the sea-side. The waves of the sea to Jane signify millions of sorrows that her smile subsides. A grown-up Jane now remembers her past, her nostalgia highlights flashback of thousand dreams, despair and determination. To be a girl suffering from schizophrenia, she feels pity for her past life when to her: “Life sucks”.

The beautiful girl was a bookworm. To Jane , life is not a bed of roses, but, every cloud has a silver lining. Her teens was a night-mare now but her endless sufferings opens up a story of a brave girl who never gives up.

It’s said that fortune favours the brave. To Jane, education is enlightenment. She never gave up although it was tough to continue with her studies.

The waves brought many repercussion to her past life, but many stories of bravery attached to her confidence.

Jane, a research scholar now is engaged to be married soon with Darcy. On the wedding night, Jane called Darcy and exclaimed: “ I am a mental patient.........I got diseased during my teens which changed my life.....life is hard! It’s tough to breathe! To think! To survive............................”

Darcy came to her, hold her tight and exclaimed: “I am proud to be yours groom, dear Jane........It’s not a curse to be a patient.........I salute your bravery and confidence! I am with you forever...”

Jane is blessed now with happiness, prosperity and satisfaction. A confident, satisfied Jane visits the sea-side. She turns towards the waves, enjoys the breeze and realizes life is beautiful once one realizes the true purpose oflife.

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