Noah parks part 1

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Noah park lived an average popular life he loved to run, party and find beauty in the things everyone discarded of. He was running; beads of sweat gathered near his frown line, world at his feet as he pounded the pavement. Until he was hit and left for his fate. Death. An angel touched him leaving a blurred memory and confusion. The radiance and paleness of the new girl’s skin captivated him with his strange obsession of finding the beauty in strangeness. But is what you see true. Will he believe what he thinks he has seen or be in denial.

Submitted: April 02, 2016

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Submitted: April 02, 2016



Thunderous clouds stretched as far as the eye could see, with heavy rain pouring out like a tantrum was brewing.  The anger flashed as lightening hit nearby.  Welcome to the UK i thought sarcastically as i took my headphones out my ears destroying my safety boundary to the outside world as we turned the last corner into the carpark.  Today the bricks looked a shade darker and the moody weather reflected in the windows making it look ten times more sinister.  More asylum like.  The bus halted causing everyone to fall forwards as the sudden stop it was too unexpected and jerky a bit like my life.  The bus driver- a greasy pony-tailed fifty or so year old smirked into the wing mirror as if he’d accomplished todays aim.  An army of teenagers sluggishly strolled into the entrance as if we were bugs attracted to the light, however we were forced with the promise our parents would be getting into trouble if we didn't make it to our light.   Looking at the outside world for the last time, i glared at it as if i was trying to tell it to stop its distression and smile, showering the Uk with sunshine.  Ugh i don’t remember the last time i saw such a sight.  Tearing my eyes away from the never-ending rain, i joined the zombies flooding into school. Who thought getting teenagers to get up early and learn was a good idea.  


“Noah,” a voice acknowledged me as i strode past. What was her name Lucy? No Lucinda.

“Lucinda,” i nodded without glancing back, i was used to it as almost every person in my year knew who i was.  Not to be cocky, but i am easy going, mostly friendly and wasn’t lacking that much in the looks( well from what i heard last week as i overheard a bunch of girls giggling and whispering about me) so mad me popular so made me somewhat unsensitised to people.  Sliding into my tutor i took off my hoodie and gazed out the window where i momentarily stared out blurring the background noise until i was just thinking about my whole life, contemplating all of it.  My parents bitter divorce, sadly a social norm, my sinking depression and last of all the loneliness of living with a absent minded person.  A hand moved across my face trying to break the trance i was stuck in taking me into the blackness.  Adjusting to the hand in front of me i blinked to see who it was and noticed it was Jay- one of those friends you can’t remember when you first met, but feel like it has spread throughout your whole life. As i thought this i realised he looked like he had just asked me something whilst i had escaped reality for a few seconds. “What?” i questioned.

“I said, i can’t go for a run this afternoon my mum’s making me babysit,” he looked down like he had a right to make me feel disappointed, little did he know running alone felt like flying to me, my euphoric moment.  Freeing myself from the everyday struggles which suffocated me, but i had to act a little let down to not upset his fragile ego. “Oh it’s ok, i probably won’t go running anyway; i’m not feeling it,” it was a lie, he didn’t need to know that though. Without another word i stood up and wandered to the main group with him and listened in amusement as the group talked and talked.  My smile disappeared as a unknown girl pulled me away as if we were a couple.  Leaving behind hoots and shouts that followed us until we stopped in an alcove.  Standing on her toes she leaned in giving me the impression she actually thought we were going out. Delusional. I stood back and glared at her with a flicker of sadness as i don’t remember her from anywhere, but she sure as hell knew me. “Noah, where are you going?”

Urmmm what do i say? “Sorry do i know you,” i asked confused as her eyes displayed hurt. CRAP.  I didn't like to upset people; it reminded me of when i was let down so many times that i became numb and felt inhuman. “Don’t you remember at the party, we…” I felt really horrible as the party was a blur due to my fondness of vodka, poor girl.   “We what?”

“It doesn't matter,” she forced a weak smile and almost ran down the corridor to the girls toilet much to the happiness of the crowds which cluttered it. Jay appeared looking as perplexed as i felt.  Lifting an eyebrow in a ‘what the hell did you just do kind of way” i just nodded my head slightly to give the message of ‘hell knows’.


Ring! With the bell i rounded back into the tutor room, slouching at my usual place at the back where no-one could see what i was doing or cared for that matter. Out of sight, out of mind.  The classes past quickly as i mindlessly forgot the world and let my thoughts seep in drowning out the constant monotone lessons of which i didn't care about.  As i wandered out of my personal hell aka. school i noticed the clouds had become blacker if possible making it seem later than 3.05pm. It made everyone feel tired and gave me that special edge of self destruction.  Then i remembered the run and put in a note of self-mumming at a later date.


When i arrived at home my mum was already in bed it was 4pm, but every hour she was awake she had the self pity and depression roaming around her brain.  It infested her, leaving her with a storm in her head and needing pills to knock her out to numb her from everything.  The start of this one was two weeks ago, without her moving out of her room or do anything. Meaning i did everything, not that anyone knew. People have enough pain to absorb already they did’t need to feel mine as well.  Placing a soft kiss onto her forehead i harmlessly stroked her blonde hair feeing her pain, her pain was mine. 


Baby blue walls and sports memorabilia decorated my somewhat bare room.  It was a sad reminder of a time before everything went wrong and we had a family, which we no longer had.  My room had been decorated when i was eight years old and hadn’t changed much, the only change was a black double bed only added when i was fourteen, so i could actually fit into bed without feeling like i was a giant on a dwarfs bed.  The shelves across from my bed homed the notes ooks i used to write down my anger and darkness, getting rid of it this way means it doesn't show outside.  I keep everything inside so no-one sees my depressive ways and pathetic existence.  Building a life on lies seems to go unnoticed in this generation.  A generation where we live in the world where divorce is the new normal.  Dragging myself off my bed, i reached for my favourite Nike shorts, black top and trainers, wanting the rain to numb me i purposely forgot my windbreaker.  The rain was so thick and heavy you could barely see the gate leading out of my house, it was perfect.  I could forget and i would.


I loved the sensation of running it felt like flying, so freeing and the world blurred around me.  Feet pounding the pavement, i felt almost powerful, like the world was at my feet and i was in control. Bliss paradise.  Yes it was raining. Yes it was dark. Yes i was surrounded by the countryside.  So what, my paradise is in the UK, i was allowed to have it here, it was all i have ever known.  Beads of sweat gathered near my frown line; i had been running for forever, but were easily disguised as rain drops.  Time was no longer a factor as i ran with the wind and became part of it, lost in the limitless boundaries it brought with it.  Fully engrossed in the wind, i forgot what i was running from, who i was running from and it had distracted me from the pain running through my veins and the dark thoughts settling in my head.  My skin was prickled with goose bumps but i couldn't feel them, lightening flashed again, it wouldn’t stop me, a storm was being made in two places. In my head and in the sky.  Not even the apocalypse would stop my nostalgia from growing. The less i felt the better i was.  


I was lost in the nostalgia when it happened. At first i hadn’t noticed the black car speedily swerving towards me until at the last moment when i was underneath it.  I felt nothing, this time a bad nothing as i couldn’t feel nostalgia or my body.  I tried to lift anything, anything would do an arm, a leg, whatever would lift. Nothing.  Slowly fading into the endless black abyss unable to struggle, i gave up.   My eyes couldn’t open and i was powerless.  I didn’t imagine this when someone said death i always thought of white pearly gates with utopia behind it, not nothing.  After a couple of minutes, i guessed i was transported to outside of my body.  I was overlooking it watching the chaos unraveling, they kept trying and trying. Determined not to give up on my limp lifeless body that had been mangled with a tire mark across me. I was in an unnaturally starfish position.  I almost forgot that i was looking at me my skin was pale and lips blue whilst i did recognise my ripped outfit.  They desperately carried my slump body into the ambulance and drove furiously.  When they were out of sight i blinked and when my eyes opened i was in the ambulance staring at the white horror which was me.  I couldn’t hear anything, but noticed a brunette woman talking into my phone, i guess she was ringing my mother, little did she no there would be no answer and i doubt my mother would even notice was absence.  She’d be in a drug induced haze.  I thought it was a phase. I was wrong, it had been years since she was clean.  


I felt cold, too cold like an icicle.  Then i felt warm, like life was being breathed into me and human warmth returned. I could still see my lifeless self though so i wasn't alive, but felt so utterly not dead.  A girl i hadn't noticed before was sat next to me calmly, she had beautiful skin i wanted to touch it, so pure and pale.  Milk would not have even compared to her skin as it looked whiter. smoother. She slightly smiled like she could see me, but she obviously couldn’t, could she?  She reached out and held my hand in a comforting way so she could see me.  Her rose lips parted to say something, but thought better of it so i decided i would start.  “Who are you?” It was simple enough.  Maybe she was taking me away to Heaven or Hell i wasn’t sure yet. “I’m Catherine,” she softly whispered as if to soothe me from the truth.  

“Where am i going,” i nervously anticipated her response which decided the start of the end. “You belong here, you haven't had enough time, enough life, you deserve longer i’ll try to give you what you deserve,” her voice wavered over the word time to exaggerate her point.  “Ok,” i didn't need more i couldn't handle more so i stared at my former being now empty of life of which it originally had.  I wasn't scared, i had wanted this death seemed an easy way out of a joke of an existence.  Mutual silence continued as we watched in harmony of the commotion surrounding us, the devastated looks of the paramedics, the unrecognisable body of me and the rain flowing down the window.  Complete bedlam.  I felt like the centre of the hurricane. The calm in the storm.  Catherine clung to my hand and came closer before muttering, “You’ll be ok.”


My eyes felt heavy and tired; causing me to close them and then…


Aching everywhere i felt the damage, however i felt lost.  Disorientated from living in the darkness surrounded in silence.  “He’s waking our miracle, can you hear us?  Someone get the doctor!” The voice sounded unfamiliar and relieved.  Slowly opening my eyes i absorbed the scene.  A middle aged women looked amazed at me before shouting someone else to come see the ‘miracle’ aka me with teary eyes she sure looked like she was looking at a miracle.  I was in a clean white room belonging to a hospital, linked up to a blood machine and needles, many of them, attached to my white arms.  I was wearing a beautiful paper outfit courtesy of the hospital.  An professional looking man waltzed in with confidence directing a warm smile at me, “Hello, Mr Park i’m your doctor, Mr Dalaah glad you could join us you’ve been out for five days and was called dead three days ago, but you started breathing thirty minute after your death.  You’re a miracle without a doubt you should be dead, against all odds here you are, defying all logic.  We’re so sorry we couldn’t find any family, we’re sure they must be worried about you.”  His eyes glowed pride that he saved me and that i was a story he would be telling for years.  “Hello thank you for saving me, i don't remember much of what happened.  I don’t think i’m a miracle, but i am very lucky to have survived.  I’m sure my family have noticed me missing so don’t worry about them being worried.”  I kind of breathed out the words as i felt deflated like a balloon without air.  His forehead crinkled together as he digested my family situation, even though he looked confused i appreciated him not pushing out more information about their carelessness.  “How long will i have to stay here?” I sounded obnoxious, but i needed to leave this place, i needed to make sure my mum was still alive and hadn't died of dehydration or of a broken heart.  Startled by a bizarre question from a recently dead then undead person he blinked like i was asking an obscure question.  Mr Park do you realise you just came out of a car crash where you died, resurrected and didn't wake for days, i wouldn't get your hopes up about leaving this week at all; your blood was halved and you have several broken ribs that need to be recovered and last and not at all least of your problems a bruised, damaged body.”  I sighed as i looked out of the small square window that displayed the thick fog outside.  Life’s a bitch.

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