My Adventure

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story of a young child who finds an old object in a shed and experiences a whole new view of the world.

Submitted: July 25, 2010

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Submitted: July 25, 2010



The Rusty old bike sat there, as if it was a prize trophy. It's paint gleamed in the sunlight and I stared at it wonderously. A gentle breeze sped through the air and swept the leaves up around me, it was as if they were dancing! I wished that I could ride her, or him, but it was badly damaged. The tyres were cracked and there was a brake missing, but anyone would be able to take her for a spin. I stared at her, as the silence drifted down like a blanket over a bed. When with the bike silence was always bearable.  'You can ride 'er if ya wan ' he spat, 'She's goin to dat tip soon enough' and as quietly as he came he came, he went, his tartan hat bobbing over the shelves. My hand drifted over the handle bars, and I could feel a great pull of want and hope. It was like a gravitational pull, pulling me towards the bike.


I hoisted myself onto the saddle and pushed off the ground. I was riding, through the orchard with it's shining apples, and the buzz of honey bees. Now I was going down the old loe farm track, wobbling over cracks as I watched hobby's and kestrels hunting for their prey. The wind picked up and dust, leaves and twigs circled the gleaming spawn of a jewel. It was the ride of a life time. Not long after going over the grassy hills I heard the gushing of a waterfall. It was magical; the spray splashed my face and most of my body. Infact it refreshed me, well, it refreshed my soul.

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