I'll Wait Forever For You

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Oscar is finally getting married to Rave...but will everything go to plan?

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011




The church was considerably crowded; a gathering that consisted mainly of the bride's family and friend's of both the couple as the groom's family didn't stretch too far beyond the immediate members. Most were waiting quietly, glancing at the decorations of white and soft green (a request of the groom so it would highlight his favourite feature of the bride; her eyes.) or adding to the soft murmur of voices by talking amongst themselves.
The groom, one Oscar Sawyer, stood at the front looking rebellious in his tux, band t-shirt underneath and converse. Of course he wasn't going to do things according to tradition or how others thought it should be done; it was his wedding so he'd dress how he wanted to...providing the bride agreed and let him. Closing his warm amber eyes he exhaled heavily and ruffled his jet black hair nervously for the fifth time in two minutes. Felix, his brother and best man, nudged his side and gave his baby brother a curious look.
"Would you settle down already?" he muttered, noticing that their mother and sister were giving them both an identical stern look, before Oscar returned his question with a look that implied his brother was quite obviously stupid.
"You try being calm when you're just about to marry the most perfect girl you've ever met."
"I did, idiot." Felix answered smartly, lifting his hand to hit his brother across the back of his head with a smirk. He was only saved from Oscar's wrath due to the fact the music began playing and everyone focused their attention to the open doors at the back of the church and, more importantly, the young woman stood in the doorway; Rave Sommers. Her sea green eyes were locked straight ahead as she slowly walked down the aisle with her father by her side.
Having wanted to keep things simple, her dress was modest; strapless and form-fitting, laced up gently at the back with the finest silk ribbon, the bottom flowing down to the floor with a short train and finished with a delicate beading effect on the bodice. Her hair was pulled up into an elegant twist at the back of her head, a few loose strands falling down to frame her face, and was complimented by a minimal amount of eye make-up. She took Oscar's breath away again.
However, for reasons unknown at that moment, she began to slow down once she got halfway and threw everyone into confusion. Everyone, but Oscar. He knew what was happening when he noticed the absence of a smile upon her lips, panic tightening his chest as he took a short step towards her and begged her with a look to not do what she was about to. His plea, unheard by all but her, was rejected by Rave as she shook her head slowly and took her arm back from her father who, needless to say, looked suitably confused.
"I'm sorry..." She breathed before turning on her heel, picking up the bottom her her dress and fleeing through the doors she'd entered by. For an entire moment Oscar's world stopped, the only sound coming from his heart beating hard enough to shatter, until his trance was broken and his mind raced to catch up with reality.
"Rave!" A pointless call, more of an echo of what his heart was screaming, before he ran to follow her and leave everyone else behind dumbstruck. They'd been through too much together to get to this day for him to just let her slip through his fingers now.

Having ran as fast as he could, Oscar finally caught up to her just as she got to the front gates. Without a second thought he reached out and caught her by the waist before wrapping his other arm around her chest and pulling her back into a tight embrace, his forehead resting on her shoulder. She resisted him at first, struggling to free herself as a soft, dry sob escaped her lips. He heard this and closed his eyes while tightening his hold on her, refusing to give up.
"Don't do this Rave...please, it's not what you want and we both know it." he said softly and she stilled, shaking her head slightly.
"I can't...I..." she paused, stumbling over her words as she held onto the arm he'd wrapped around her chest and raked her mind for something to say to get him to let go. "I don't love you!"
To her surprise Oscar simply laughed, throwing her for a loop as she went silent.
"That's a lie, you're just running away...but, I love you Kitten." he answered, nuzzling her neck before smiling against her skin. "Nothing will change that...not even if you get nervous about marrying me the first time and run away." He loosened his hold on her then and was relieved when she turned around to look at him, allowing him to flash her his famous roguish grin.
"You really mean that?" she asked slowly and he nodded, leaning forwards to kiss her forehead and brush a few loose strands of hair from her face when he moved back.
"So...what do you say we run away from our own wedding, go get pizza and save the life-long commitment thing for another day?" Oscar added thoughtfully, making her laugh softly before she pressed a kiss to his lips and nodded.
"That sounds good to me." she agreed, smiling when he took her hand to lead her away to his car that Felix had brought earlier for them to drive off in after the ceremony. "What about the way we're dressed though?"
Oscar shrugged, "Who cares how we're dressed? If anyone asks, I'll say...I'll say it's 'cause we're awesome. Nobody can question that to be honest."
This, of course, provoked another laugh from Rave as she squeezed his hand slightly and it was music to his ears.
"I love you, Oscar."
"I love you too, Rave."

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