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well its about a girl who is killed in a car crash, my boyfriend was killed in a car crash so yea lol.let me know what ya think!

Submitted: June 09, 2008

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Submitted: June 09, 2008



When im gone please dont cry It was just the time I was meant to die Please dont cry you dont understand An angel came and took my hand

She told my that my time had come 1 day was over, 1 more had begun She showed me what my life was meant to be And how it got taken away from me

She took me to heaven far above And awnsered why I had lost my love She showed me tears, she showed me pain But she didnt show me what I had to gain

I looked down at the funeral far below Wondered why I had to go Saw you cry it made my heart break Why did god make what wasnt his to take?

Please dont cry for me. Why are you sad? I feel no pain I just miss what I had. It's not your fault he couldnt see He was drunk it wasnt meant to be

I saw the car all black and new I felt no pain just thought about you An officer told me id be OK Its not his fault either he didnt know what to say

He held my hand, stayed by my side As the ambulance came, it was one hell of a ride So many people tried to save A part of your life, they tried and they gave

The driver of the other car is fine He said I'm sorry I'm drunk I stepped out of line They took him away; he'll remember this date Alcohol and driving decided my fate

I tried to breathe but I couldnt get air The officer said shes dying here All went black inside my head I'm sorry, but this girl is dead

I hope the driver feels remorse My life he took, didnt run its course Thankyou officer and the ambulance too You tried your best but I won't start anew

I watch with the angel as she takes me away I wished I survived that fateful day He shouldnt have driven, not by far But Ill always remember that new black car.

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