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just havein fun with words

Submitted: November 12, 2013

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Submitted: November 12, 2013



when i get into my killin zone i just feel it,

go so hard it'd prolly knock ya down if you was near it,

see im fearless, a fine line next to careless

an i carry this cause i carry a list wit every name,

of every bitch, every basterd thats ever shit,

or smack there fuckin lips, at me now im back

bingein for vengeance, and i wont quit

till i scalp every wig on my hit list

i got a fat cock your slim dicks

100 pitches 2 sluts and you still cant hit

man i must be killin it, cause you cats is clowns

wanna act like im fuckin around, but im on attack

im puttin my foot down, wit out a doubt or a scratch

im snatchin the king, takein the crown

you'll never get it back

all the blood i spilt

all the yerns i filled

yea i feel i deserve that

so fuck what you heard

im killin it

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