Things won't be the same!

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Sometimes walking away is the best thing to do>>>
But it effects the once you love>>>
Specially when they've caved around you>>>
It's hard to wake up one day and realized that (a person) is gone>>>simply walked away>>>
It's a hard thing and the hardest is to get used to it!

Submitted: January 30, 2008

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Submitted: January 30, 2008



Definet fine to me,
When you can't stay,
You're leaving today,
Is fine this good can be?
When I lose a part of me,

Don't go,
Try to stay for a little a while,
Don't go,
I can't breathe without seeing you smile,

This is not a life,
This is not a place to live,
Without my miracle,
Without my love,

It kills me to know that they won andI lost you,
It kills me to see you alone like i've never left you,

Don't you realize that things will never be the same?
I can't forget your name, I can't explain it,
Don't you know that i will lose my strength?
I can't live this life,
I can't believe it,

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