The price of true beauty

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Any man who dared commit the crime of looking at her beauty would forever live with the curse of a broken heart and love nothing but her.

Submitted: March 02, 2009

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Submitted: March 02, 2009



In a kingdom far away there lived a beautiful princess. Her hair was as long as a flowing river, and her eyes as deep and blue as the world’s oceans. She had a fairy’s figure petite and light, it was as if you touched her she would break into a million crystal pieces. Although she looked as if she was as warm as a round flame, her heart was as cold as a snow covered mountain. Any man who dared commit the crime of looking at her beauty would forever live with the curse of a broken heart and love nothing but her. Most of the kingdoms men had fallen under this retched curse which was the reason why they were so loyal to their king. “It is time to collect the taxes from the entire kingdom.”  The king told the princess. 

 She stared guilty at the floor and looked back at the king 

“Don’t you think we’ve collected enough gold from the kingdom?” Asked Princess Helena.

 The king stood tall and responded with a harsh tone 

 “Have they given enough to make you forget about what they did to him?” he asked his words cutting through her like a racer sharp blade. For a second her silence filled the air.

“Well?” the king asked 

“There’s nothing they can ever pay…” she answered hatefully, the king smiled

 “Then we should go now” he said snapping his fingers and a young girl came running  into the room

 “Yes your majesty?” she asked 

“Get the horses ready.” He answered rudely and the girl ran out to do as the king commanded.The servants helped the princess get on her midnight black horse, it was tall and had green colored eyes, it was the fastest running animal in the land and was loyal to no one but the princess it was as if the horse had fallen in love with her beauty just as every other man. The princess made a clicking noise and without hesitation the horse started walking. 

She followed the kings horse through a forest filled with fruit trees and wild flowers.

 “This way Helena” the king ordered and her eyes grew wide with hate not only had she made her remember the worst memory of her past but he had called her by her first name which was something she hated, there was only one person who could call her that and that was the only person she had ever loved. But that person was dead now the peasants had killed him or so that was what they told her.She switched routs loosing the king angered by his disrespectful deed  and went deep into the forest the bushes made noises as her horse passed through and over them 

“Who goes there?” she heard and out of the green came a knight in silver armor covering his face and body 

“fair maiden” he said in awe as he stared at her glorious beauty “My apologies I didn’t mean to be so rude I…” he said before she cut his words short 

“Its fine I was just taking a walk with my horse” she said and she road off with her dark companion.

 The knight stared at her as she and her horse road into the deep forest. A couple of days passed since the princess and the knights meeting. Although the princess had not put much thought into remembering the knight the same thing could not be said for him. Day and night he thought of nothing but her wondering who she was and why she was all alone in a forest. He saw her in his dreams, in his imagination in every corner he looked and although he tried many times to forget her, his attempts would always fail miserably until one day he gave in and decided to find her. For one entire year he looked for her looking through every village he could think of searching through every part of the forest hoping that he would soon find the woman who had stolen his heart. 

Its time to rest he thought as he took off his armor and laid on his rag filled bed. He shut his eyes and let his dreams take over his thoughts. 

 “Sweet knight!” he heard “please wake up I need your help… I’m lost and afraid.” he opened his eyes to the most amazing sight he had ever seen 

 “My glowing beauty.” He said “At last I have found you… For months I’ve been searching for your beauty and alas I have found it.” He said, tears flowing like rain drops from his eyes. She lifted her hand and wiped the tears from his face.

 “It seems I have found you.” she said smiling and she got up and skipped off into the green.  He quickly got up and followed her, afraid that he would lose what he had been searching for.  The princess led him into a meadow filled with the most beautiful flowers, but there was not one single flower that could even compare to her beauty.  The knight sat next to the princess as she laid on a bed of flowers.

“Knight answer me this question.” She said breaking the silence and sitting down 

“why did you take so long to find me?” she asked curiously. He stared into her eyes not knowing what to say

“That day that I saw you, you left in such a hurry and you took my heart with you. It took me a while to look for you because I kept denying that I loved you.” He said shamefully and then he felt her head on his chest. He shifted his body and embraced her in his arms with all the love he could give. “im so happy we have found each other” he whispered and she finally gave him what he had waited for, the kiss of true love and he returned it enjoying her soft warm lips on his. 

“I love you my beauty” he said as she finished kissing him and he heard her return the words. He looked to his side and saw a bright red rose glowing with beauty unlike any other flower and with one arm he reached for it picked it and put it her hair. She smiled and enjoyed the warm feeling of his body.Night fell and they were still in that flower bed. He yawned feeling exhausted from all the excitement.

“Sleep my love.” He heard her say “We will be together when the sun rises” and he laid his head on her lap listening to her heavenly harmonic lullaby as he shut his eyes.

The sun burnt through his eyelids making his pupils grow incredibly small when he opened his eyes. He looked around noticing that his love was nowhere in sight he wasn’t even in the meadow he had remembered fallen asleep in. He was in the rag filled bed he had made himself

 “Darling where are you?” he yelled through the green forest. He searched around all day for her, trying to recall where she had lead him, Looking for the flower filled meadow they had passionately kissed in. Tears fell from his eyes as he realized that he had only dreamt her. The disappointment ran through his veins almost stopping the flow of his blood to his heart, and all night he wept. Meanwhile…

 Princess Helena sat in her chair knitting a quilt she had been working on for 6 years since the time that her lover died. Thinking about the rumors’ that the peasants spread about her unique beauty knowing that even after the time came that she would join her lover in death  she would still live on in the heart of the kingdom.

The end.

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