Happy the Worm

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The story of a candy worm who simply refuses to be eaten. Please try reading it aloud to your children, grand children, nieces, nephews or random tykes off the street and provide me with HONEST detailed feedback on what they liked and didn't like. If you don't mind of course. Thank you so much.

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



Happy was a gummy worm.

He lived on a grocery store shelf in a crinkly little plastic bag. 

There were many other worms crowded in the bag, but they were all sad worms that did nothing except cry and complain.

"Why are you guys so sad?"  Happy often asked.  He was curious about their sadness and needed to know more about it.  That way, if he ever met this "sad-thing", he could hide from it.

"We will be eaten," cried the sad worms.

Happy did not like the sound of this "eaten-thing" either.  He really didn't like the way it made the sad worms so gloomy.  He would stay away from it when it came around too.

"I will not be eaten," Happy said, winking at the worms.

"We are gummy worms.  We have to be eaten."  The sad worms cried.

Happy just laughed because laughing helped everything.  "I will not be eaten."

"We will see," said the sad worms.

Then, one day, when the grocery store was very crowded, a young boy bought that bag of gummy worms.

"Help us!" cried the sad worms.

"You won't eat me," Happy said, waving his gummy tail at the boy.

The boy was too excited to hear the worms talking.  He ran outside, did a little dance then tore the bag open with such strength that…

Happy popped out!

"I'm freee!"  Happy yelled all the way to the ground.

Happy's freedom didn't last long, though, because the boy, being a boy who really loved candy, plucked Happy right back out of the dirt.

"Put that down," said the boy's mother.  "It's too dirty."

Then-plop! -Happy fell back to the dirt.

"Ah, ha," called Happy with a smile on his gummy lips.  "I am too dirty for you, Boy."

Happy watched with a smile on his face as the boy, mother and bag of sad worms walked away.  He couldn't believe that he was actually free.  "I told you I would not be eaten."  Happy yelled to the sad worms that were now too far away to hear to hear him.

Suddenly, a big black bird, hearing the hubbub, swooped down to see what was going on.  It had a long beak and buggy eyes that seemed to look in two different directions at the same time.

"You are a worm, a worm is what you are," squawked the bird.  It's head bobbing around in little circles.

"Y-yes, I am." Happy said.

 "I eat worms, worms are what I eat." 

Happy smiled at the bird.  He had escaped this eaten-thing before and he will do it again because he was un-eatable.  "I will not be eaten," Happy told the bird.  "I am too dirty."

"We will see." The bird squawked, flapped its wings then scooped Happy up into its beak trying to swallow him whole.

Then-phewy! -the bird spit Happy back to the dirt.

"I don't mind the dirt," said the bird.  "But you are too sweet, too sweet is what you are."  The bird flew away and never returned.

"Ah, ha, I am too sweet for you," Happy called to the bird.

Then, just as Happy was becoming quite sure he could not be eaten, a fat yellow cat hopped out of a near by tree.

"Hello," Happy said.

"Hi, my man," said the cat.  "You are a brave worm for talking to that bird the way you did."

"Yes, I am and if you plan to eat me too I must tell you now that I will not be eaten," Happy told the cat.

The cat licked a paw, rubbed its ear then asked, "Why's that, my man?"

"I am too dirty and too sweet for you."

"I don't mind all that, man." The cat stooped closer to the ground and showed Happy his sharp teeth.

Happy smiled. "I am un-eatable."

"We will see," said the cat then pounced on Happy scooping the worm into his sharp teeth.

Then-phewy! -the cat spit Happy back to the dirt.

"The dirt and the sweets I don't mind," the cat said, shaking his furry head.  "But you are too chewy for me."

He then ran away, climbed a tall tree and never returned.

"Ah, ha, I am too chewy for you."  Happy started to dance.  He was so happy now that he knew he would not be eaten.  There wasn't an animal in this world that could eat him.  He was too dirty for boys, too sweet for birds and too chewy for cats.  He would never be eaten!

Suddenly, the sky rumbled.

"I hear your tummy growling up there, sky," Happy said.  "But I will not be eaten.  I am too dirty, too sweet and too chewy for everyone."

Then-plop-a drop of rain fell on Happy's head.

Happy is a gummy worm.  Gummy worms are made from sugar.  Sugar melts in water.

"What's this?"  Happy asked, because as more and more drops fell, Happy became smaller and smaller.  In fact, he became so small that there was nothing left of him but a little puddle of juice.

"I melted!"  Happy cried, as the rain washed him away from the grocery store step, swirled him along the sidewalk then flushed him down the gutter to the sea.

In the sea, Happy swam with some fish, played in the seaweed, and tickled a jellyfish.  He was even happier now.  Here, in the sea, there were no boys, birds or cats waiting to eat him just fish and seaweed.  And they didn't eat gummy worms or drink gummy worm juice.

Then-splash! -something really big moved through the water.

Happy rode high on a wave to see what it was then laughed with glee when he saw the same young boy, who had eaten the sad worms, playing in the sea.

"Hello," Happy yelled, just as the wave came crashing down on the young boy's head.  Happy swooshed right into the boy's mouth.

Then-phewy! -the boy spit Happy back to the water.

"This water's salty," the boy said, running back to the beach for something better to drink.

"Ah, ha," Happy called from the sea.  "I am too salty for you!"

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