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Kate Winslow is no ordinary girl....

Chapter1 (v.1) - no ordinary girl

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Kate Winslow is no ordinary girl....

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Submitted: August 11, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 11, 2013



Kate Winslow is no ordinary girl.

She is the daughter of the medieval vampire, Isabelen Winslow, 

But she doesn't know that yet.

All she knows, okay..thinks is that her family died in an accidental fire on the east side of Norwich 

while she was out with her friends, Kate wonders what 'friends' she was out with because at her school she has none.

Kate has always thought it was because she joined later on in the school year and they were all 

already settled in, but what she's about to find out will totally change her views....anyway on with the story!

As I shuffle along the dusty road in my beaten up school shoes i wonder aloud whether 

I will ever make any friends people looked me like i'm mad but I'm used to it.

Especially at school when nasty comments are endlessly thrown in my face and smirks as i walk down the corridor.

Yes i don't have a wardrobe full of top shop and forever 21 or a dazzling smile or waist length 

gleaming blonde hair with luscious pink highlights but that wasn't a reason for death threats nasty 

comments and deadly rumours...was it?

As i walk in the school gates there was a totally different atmosphere than usual instead of stares and ill-tempered comments there 

were whispers and glances but not at me.

I spun around abruptly to see who was in the firing line,

Surprisingly i am faced with a pale, olive green eyed boy with messy yet stylish brown silky hair and a perfect white smile.

He put his hand out as if for me to shake it  but i could help but stare at him in utter shock and run as fast as I can into the school.

Breathless, i collapse in a toilet cubicle and burst out crying.

It was the boy from my dreams.


-----Authors note-----
So that was the first chapter of my book, I hope you enjoyed it please comment and fan it would be much appreciated :)
-anna ;3


After I grab my lunch from the canteen, all I have to do is run past the jocks, past the couple making out and a cheerleader having  
I had reached my special spot; the bench overlooking the cliffs surrounded by wilderness,wildlife and willows, I was finally at peace. 
Suddenly I have a weird feeling that I am not alone......I turn as slowly as I can around and the new boy, Aidan,  is stood right behind the bench I  
scream and jump almost a foot in the air but he just laughs sits down and shuffles up next to me. 
I try not to make eye contact but its so hard with him just staring at me, finally I must up the courage to ask him what he's doing here 
but he just smiles and pulls a hand through his tousled brown hair.
I repeat myself and finally he answers..
'I'm here to see you of course';
'Why would you want to see me, I'm just a unpopular confused teenager with nothing better to than eat her lunch on her own in the 
middle of nowhere'
'But your so much more than that just have to look beneath the surface' 
And with that he walks of laughing.
4:30 (the next day) 
Aidan wasn't in today. 
I wonder where he isn't because of what I said could it?
I can't get what Aidan said out of my head...look beneath the surface whatever can that mean?!
Abruptly it makes me think of the beach the bench over looks, I jump up and grab my coat and run to the front door 
'I'm going out don't expect me back for a while!'
I slam the door and run off down the street skidding round corners and scaring neighbourhood cats.
When I eventually reach the beach there's a figure sitting on the sand looking out in to the distance obviously deep in thought but 
when I get close I realise who it's Aidan!
I sit down beside him and when he turns to face me I can see the remains of tears in his eyes and for a few seconds I feel like the world stops.
He breaks the silence and says,&
'I knew you would figure out what I meant sooner or later it's a waiting game, but you...your a quick learner.;
And with that he runs off towards the sea screeching
'Race ya!';
I scramble up and sprint after him skidding to a halt at the start of the sea but suddenly I'm in the water and I realise Aidan pushed me '
;I'll get you back you idiot!!'
He just laughs and splashes me with water, and this is when I realise this is the first time in months I have felt actually happiness, I;
must have looked dreamy because the next thing I know Aidan in right in front of me waving a hand in front of my eyes,I stumble back 
and mutter sorry.
And suddenly we're kissing, he tastes of sea water and vanilla, so this is what a kiss is supposed to feel like!
He pulls away and tells me he has to go and with a kiss on the cheek he's gone.
Authors note
Guys I've worked really hard so far and no-one has read fanned commented or voted :( 
Please please please it would mean the world to me 
Thanks ;3
-anna <3

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no ordinary girl no ordinary girl

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Kate Winslow is no ordinary girl....
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