my crime: book 1

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you follow the crooks as they do they're crime.

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



My crime:

Book 1.

By Truman Barnes.


The police.

The reason for all this nonsense?

I, personally, do not know.

Craziness. A need for money.

Who could know?

What ever it is, it’s gone on for more than a century. And we, the police, thought you should know.

Chapter 1


The day was perfect. The sky was cloudy. What, you ask, was the day perfect for? A heist. Made by none other than the world-famous,

Ben Houston, Worldwide criminal.

Goodness knows what he’s up to this time. Last couple times, he stole many historical items. Over history, his ancestors were robbers, murderers, and stuff like that. Ben was determined to carry on the tradition. He was unlike most criminals. See, he was only 15 years old. As he left his house, he looked around to make sure no one was watching. Then he slowly walked down the road to the bakery. No one was looking at him. They were all too busy looking at yard sales to notice the robber walking down the street. Of course, this was lucky for Ben. He couldn’t let anything distract him. If he succeeded, he would have it. The criminal of the month award.

This would be the first time he got it.

Other times it was some suck up, like Ethan. Or Jordan. Those two won the award 200 times. As he was trying not to draw attention, a snake-looking thing jumped up to him. It bit Ben. “Yuowch!” he yelled. It was Jordan.. He’s kind of weird. “Hisssssssssssss”

He said. Oh great, He’s pretending to be a snake again. His hand was starting to wither. “Dang it!” he said.

With his hand in bandages, he started to walk back toward the bakery. He got there with no troubles, but inside was another story. It was hard to get inside, because inside, the police were having some doughnuts. They were on alert, though. They knew it was about that time for the criminal of the month award. When the police finally left, he snooped inside, and next thing you know, he’s running outside of it with his arms full of goodies.

Chapter 2


She was the best girl burglar in town. (Don’t tell her, but that’s only because Kelly’s not in town right now.) The criminal-of-the-month award was to be awarded tomorrow, and she wanted to be ready for it. She’s twins with the second-best girl burglar in town, so it’ll look like she’s competing against herself! She was scared mostly because of that. She wanted some backup, so she went to the orphanage. Now, if you’ve read Oliver twist, you know that orphans make the best picket-pocketers. But than again, if you’ve seen little orphan Annie, you know that orphans are really cute. Elizabeth, however, has not seen little orphan Annie. So all she knows about orphans are that they don’t have a mom or a daddy, and that they make the best picket-pocketers. So she went to the orphanage, and asked if they had any young boys, that acted like Oliver twist. They said no, but when she looked in the back room, she could pick out one in particular that looked like him. Then she asked him, “Are you a good picket-pocketer?” he said, “Well, not right now, but I could, if you teach me!” let me tell you something about Elizabeth. Even though she’s 14, she doesn’t have a job. (Don’t tell her, but it’s probably because she’s a crook.) Thus, she does not have any money. And this particular orphanage, you need to pay up to get one of the orphans. So, Elizabeth stole what she now calls “Oliver twist jr.”

Chapter 3


He wanted that prize. He really wanted that prize. He really really really really really really really wanted that prize.

He would do anything to get that prize. He would even bite his cousin to get that prize. He has gotten it before, and he will get it again.

In fact, he has gotten it approximately 100 times before.

First things first. He needs to disqualify the other competitors. He has decided on a crime, which was a pretty good one, because it disqualifies a character, too. (Or, at least, may disqualify someone.)

His plan was: Step 1. Try to find someone else in the act of there crime.

Step 2. Pretend to be a snake.

Step 3. Bite them.

Step 4. Repeat.

See? His plan was perfect. Except for one thing. No-one would see him. You must be thinking, why does he want someone to see him? To qualify for the criminal-of-the-month award, someone from the police has to see you. He needed more attention. So, he ended up doing it in a snake costume.

He only got up to bite one person when the police saw him. (Just so you know, also to qualify for the criminal-of-the-month award, you cannot be captured by the police.) Sadly, the police captured Jordan. But, fortunately, the snake costume was slimy. He just slithered away.

Chapter 4


It was late. Ethan chose this time because it was dark. That was when the average burglar made a heist. Thus, the police were crowding the city. It was the perfect time to strike. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he knew he was going to do something.

Time was running out. It was 9:00. At midnight the award was to be handed out. If he didn’t do the worst crime soon… he didn’t want to think about it. (If he doesn’t do the worst crime, someone else would get the award.)

So Ethan thought about it. He could do his usual, go murder somebody. But no. children would be reading this book. And plus, the last few times that he did murdering, Jordan got the award. No, he could not murder. This time, he would have to do something a little less dangerous. Maybe just a strangle. After all, the first time he got the award, he strangled someone. Yes. He should strangle.

9:30. He had to hurry. If he wanted to get that award, he would really have to hurry. Then he thought, why don’t I just strangle an officer? Then he realized that it was a great idea!

There already was 20 officers patrolling the streets. He just needed to get near one. So off he went.

Chapter 5


There were way too many police. Even in California. She frowned. She thought that since the criminal-of-the-month ceremony was in North Dakota, that all the police in the world would be there. I guess not. She thought. She was trying to get her crime here, than rush back to North Dakota to get to the ceremony.

She was planning to get to Disney land and vandalize one of the rides. But she just wanted to find a ride with only one officer nearby. Once she found one, she made a mental note which ride it was, and then went to buy some spray paint.

When she came back, she saw more officers then there was before. She made some huge frenzies of punches to the officers.

Then she went to do some vandalizing.

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